Thursday, 31 January 2008


I just did Four Fast Miles with a pair of giggling grandaughters. I don't think my miles were as focused or effective as they might have been on my own, but it was a lot of fun laughing with them, especially when I had a gas leak that threatened to slay them. :) They hid beneath the bed and behind the curtain in our bedroom to escape the fumes! :) I'm sorry, this is probably way too much information!

Shan tells me that my breaking out face is the toxins that are stored in fat, being released through the skin when sweating! Therefore breaking out is a good sign. Yeay! I didn't know that but it's so encouraging.


Libby said...

Hey good for you for doing the workout with your grandaughters.

I went to fitness class and to my surprise there were only 3 of us tonight, I am glad that I went, I am trying to keep this thursday night thing a constant.

oh and yes I had gas as well, but had to contain it - a hard task when exercising..haha..

Keep moving girls..

Shan said...


Kimberley Payne said...

That's too funny, Belinda! Thanks for the giggle.