Saturday, 2 February 2008

Addictive Foods

Today was a good day although I did eat three slices of Amish Friendship bread. One piece was for breakfast, then I took two slices to work to share with the person I was meeting with (he was very grateful and his vanished even faster than mine--that stuff is good) and the final piece was for dessert tonight. I really feel good about the day because when I came home, very tired at the end of a week into which I packed a lot and worked very hard, I was in, "It's Friday night, let's celebrate," mode. I resisted the temptation to break out the icecream or eat the last of our chocolate grandchildren treats. Both of those things are addictive items for me, but the AFB is delicious but solid and satisfying too and I can have one slice and be happy. So even though I had three pieces in one day, I don't think it's addictive. Am I fooling myself?! :) I don't think so.

I fell asleep on the couch while watching Oprah and could not pull myself off it, I was so tired! I had a two hour nap and did not exercise tonight but I think that having a nap is being kind to your body in another way. Oh my goodness, Amish Friendship bread and long nap--I don't sound like I'm leading the charge in fitness tonight, do I?

Happy weekend every one!

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