Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Week 8 Check In

Well, after 7 weeks and at the start of week 8, these are the results. They may not be startling, but they are headed in the right direction and I'm happy.

Weight: 154.8 Loss 5.4 pounds

Wk. 1 Wk. 8
37 36 Loss 1 inch
31.5 30.5 Loss 1 inch
41 40.5 Loss`1/2 inch
Thigh 24.5 24 Loss 1/2 inch

That's 5.4 pounds and 3 inches. I feel good about that, even though it might seem small to some.
I'm still Miss Pear Shape, but hey, that's the way God made me. At least I'm turning into a firmer pear. :)

How's every one else doing? I'm here to cheer you on, whether in victory or struggle (we all have them; remember my cracker binge this week?)


Anonymous said...

Way to go you firmer pear you... Well I am still all jiggly but making an effort. See my comment from yesterday's blog. I hope to start making some weekly losses now that my husband has joined in on the stopping the slide with me.


Joyful Fox said...

Hi Belinda,

Didn't know this is Your "blog" on reducing the poundage. Exciting and thanks for inviting me on board.

Here I am - joining with you and others, "Stopping the Slide".

I'll give you a run down so I can be accountable and provide a little background.

I'm a full 169 lbs. at 5'3' which makes me a little more than a pear - is a lightbulb more round?

I found an index card on the counter from August, 2007 (6 mos. ago) that stated I was 155 lbs. - not a good trend.

So literally, "Stopping the Slide" is a good thing for me.

I got out my Weight Watchers Cookbook on Monday and have been counting points for two days. My range is 20-27, I think.

Well, I did o.k. on Monday until I baked chocolate chip cookies for Bible Study and the "batter" got the best of me. I counted 4 pts. for that.

All in all, I finished the day at the highest end of my range of points but at least I was in the game.

I have done better today and kept my points at 23 - a little more self-control but not excellent. I ate about 7 chocolate chip cookies of what I baked yeserday, and 1 fun-size Mars bar, you know the really tiny ones (the mouthful) at least that's what I told myself when I chomped it down. Good news! Cookies are all gone and Mars Bars too! No temptations tomorrow.

Saturday I lifted weights for 40 min. with Kathy Smith, Sunday I went cross-country skiing for a little over an hour- first time in 24 years so I had a handful of falls and got a nice bruised rumpus -many shades of deep purple, black, and blue...just a little sore. I felt like a beached whale every time I fell and had to gain a standing position but that's more of a pride thing. Having been very athletic in youth (well pre-baby days), I was very aware of how out of shape I now am.
Anyways, I had a 40 min. walk on Monday and today I'v had a rest. I'd like to do weights again on Thursday.

I'm really trying to increase my water intake but am having trouble getting into the habit and establishing a system that works. I'll try again tomorrow.

With exercise my goals are as follows:

Minimum: 3, 40 min. sessions each week (walk or weights generally)

Target: 4, 40min. sessions each week(as above)

Outrageous: 5, 40min. sessions each week (as above)

Drink 10., 8oz. servings each day

Calorie Intake: Weight Watchers point system (not sure of the caloric intake) Keep between 20-27 points per day (every day of the week but one) and try to keep it less than 25 after this week of adjustments.

Outrageous Goal: To achieve 2 times this week: Have no carbs. after 4:oo p.m.


#1. Lose 10 lbs. by the end of March (5 weeks)
#2 Lose a second 10 lbs (a total of 20 lbs.) by the end of April
#3 Lose 5 lbs. in the month of May
#4 Lose another 5 lbs. by the end of June

This would put me at 139 lbs. before summer and I would like to maintain throughout the summer with no specific goal of weight loss.

By September, I would like to begin to drop the last 9 lbs. So if I did 9 lbs. over 3 mos., I would be o.k. with that.

I'll reasses in September because I know the last 9 will be the hardest for me to lose.

So here's my program to you other "Slide Stoppers". I'm making myself accountable.

Joyful Fox

Belinda said...

Welcome aboard Joyful Fox. Our ranks have swelled to four now! Together the journey has begun.

I laughed at you describing yourself as a "lightbulb." That's such a funny mental image. With me as a pear and you as a lightbulb I'm thinking Veggie Tales!

Shan said...

Yeah, I'd be Bob the Tomato. I was originally thinking of Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, but I carry my weight between my hips and my shoulders so Bob's really better.