Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thanks Libby!

Libby pointed out to me today, that I had miscalculated by one whole pound when I weighed in yesteday. I've lost 6.4 pounds since January 1st. not 5.4! Woo hoo.

Libby--thanks for being more on the ball than me! That was such an encouragement.

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Shan said...

All right Belinda, I've actually ponied up to this weight loss thing. I am on day three of Being Serious.

A couple of years ago I talked weight loss to a friend of mine who is a personal trainer. She said she has only one piece of advice she gives to people, but that it is a HARD AND FAST RULE. "Absolutely NONE of the 5 c's."
"What are the 5 C's?" I asked.


She said she has never seen a woman go off the 5 c's and NOT lose weight. But the deal is you cannot even have ONE of those things. You must have ZERO because one leads to two.

Anyway, for what it's worth, that was her advice. I did it for one entire summer and noticed some real changes. Not in my body (I don't eat much of that kind of stuff at all, really) but in my skin, my cravings, my mental state. I think if I had kept it up I would have slowly dropped some pounds but life stuff interfered and I went back to cookies and chocolate.

Last night I was craving buttery popcorn so badly I couldn't even believe it. I followed my homeopath's advice and put a flake of Maldon salt (regular sea salt works too but don't use iodized) on my tongue and let it dissolve. Followed it with two glasses of water and Thank God the salt craving passed. I was really close to just caving in - which is weird because I never eat after dinner...I've never been one for evening snacking. I think I may have short-changed myself earlier in the day, didn't consume enough calories - and protein in particular - so I was peckish at night. Lesson learned.