Monday, 25 February 2008

The past week has been so busy and I've wanted to check in and say how I've been doing, but haven't found the time.

Anyway, here goes, quickly! Because of being so busy, until this evening, I don't think I've exercised since last Sunday. I didn't feel good about that and tonight I came home from work knowing that the moment I came through the door, I was changing into my yoga pants and sleeveless top and heading upstairs for the full Five Mile workout. Oh, it felt good to do it.

The good news is that I can see that I've trimmed down through the exercise and only yesterday Paul commented appreciatively that it's visibly evident that I've been working out. Yeay!

On the eating front I had a few downfalls last week. I had one night when I felt compelled to eat every last cracker in the tin. I have no idea why this happens. It's as if my brain gets programmed to clear the house of just one thing, like the crackers. I didn't feel good after my cracker binge.

On the whole though, in spite of the odd mistake like that, and not making time to work out, I feel pretty good about the direction I'm heading in. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning when I weigh in, I can report even a little loss, but I'm not giving up, even if I can't.


Shan said...

Urgh, Monday and no loss this week. But speaking of small important progress, I saw myself dancing in a video tonight and was mental image of myself is much smaller than that! So I guess I might have found some motivation...

I did poorly with my eating these last few days, which is why I don't think I lost my pound this week. Next week will be better!

Belinda said...

Dear Shan,
Maybe that pound dropped off by Tuesday.

You know, I'm learning to grasp cause and effect. This may sound simple but my capacity to blind myself to that is amazing sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi it is me Libby. Well I started with my husband on monday and did well following weight watcher's program. However today, I did great until after a long afternoon without any breaks I left work and had a filet of fish and a sundae, I was ravenous and I don't know why, since i had packed my lunch and ate it. Anyways I did count my points and write ever morcel sdown and I hope to report by next week a weight loss.


Belinda said...

Libby, I'm so glad your husband is supporting you and himself by joining the fight to be fit. It's so much easier if you're both working at it.

It's so good that you're writing down the points. It really helps to re-educate us on the right amount to eat!