Thursday, 28 February 2008

A "CHICK-IN" - From the Lightbulb

I got on the scale last night, yes I dared, and was pleasantly surprised. I was a heavy 165 (that means the needle wasn't really at the 166 lbs.)

My scale isn't the fancy digital kind -it's frumpy like I used to be -before I lost my 4 lbs.

Well, a lightbulb, I may still be, but my bulb isn't shining quite as bright.

I overcame my water problem and of course established another one. I made up a little ditty:

(To the Tune of 'The Hokey Pokey")

Here some water, there some water, and give a little shout,
Water, water in, water water out, that's what it's all about.
A sip, sip here, a sip, sip there, and don't have time to pout,
Everyone run, here comes Mom, I gotta get it out!

Yes it's true. I am consuming 80-100 oz. of aqua a day, so all that fat can run away!

I know from experience, that in a week or so, my body will adjust to the new water consumption but till then I'll just sing my ditty.

Well, I've had 5 babies you bladder has been sat on 5 times - the last was double trouble and not a fadder bladder. My muscles have to develop there too - tighten, or frighten.

Jokes new morning regime has an added component. I fill a jug with 100 oz. of water and plop it in the fridge - right at the front. Everyone's been told, "It's moms, to help her lose weight. No one touch, please!"

I pour 8 oz. glasses from the jug and well... you know the ditty...I sip from it, fill another... all day long...

As well, I'm doing o.k. on the points - Monday I maxxed out at 27, Tuesday -23 (Hooray for me!), Wednesday- 26 (got a little cocky from Tuesday's celebrating and ate 3 more pts. worth), Thursday-24 (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Hats off to you Shan for your trainer friend's, "NO 5 C's rule"
Great advice and "Good for You" if you can follow it.

I can live without cake, don't even really like it, so that's no problem.

Candy isn't a horribly strong pull, although it would be hard to pass up nibs, red licorice, jelly beans, and Hot Tomales. In fact, even writing them is causing me to salivate. I think with a little more weight loss, and a stronger resolve, I could do it!

I enjoy chips and would like to have them very occasionally - hopefully not in the next 2 mos. and hopefully seldom, if ever, after 4:00 pm.

Cookies, mmm...hmmm...this is beginning to be a problem. I do enjoy home-made ones, batter's better. However , when my resolve is strong, I can usually pass up boughten ones.

Chocolate is the real problem. Can't choose to live without that. Chocolate is beyond decadent.

But I have a mantra.

It works really "good" (except for chocolate, cookie batter, and occasionally chips). Well, it works beyond "good" actually. It is powerful.

My mantra is:


I don't usually say it before I eat chocolate or occasionally, chips. I don't like feeling guilty.
I learned this mantra from a Personal Coach (not mine) who coaches people on loosing weight. His clients all "use it, to lose it", so to speak.

I can't remember his name right now but if I do soon, Ill post the source.

I gotta ask this. I just have to know.

Has anyone ever heard the radio ad for a weight-loss program? Can't remember that program either. The ad is a song actually. I 've heard it on CFTR, a news station.

One of the lines, sung by a man goes like this...

"Blubbery, blubbery, blubbery...I'm a fat guy. Look at me, I'm a pear."

I nearly fell out of the driver's seat when I heard it the first time. Then Jason came home from work, several days later and asked, "Hey, did you hear that ad on the radio?
He then sang it, adding the "Look at me, I'm a pear" line. Then I really laughed because I hadn't caught that line the first time I heard it. It made it twice as funny because my husband is 6"3" and very, very lanky and lean. I heard it a couple of years ago now but we just heard it on the way to church last Sunday and Jason and I just looked at each other and chuckled.

Has anyone else heard that song!

One last thing...


It always comes back to that - Speed up our metabolism, strengthen our muscles, and create mental space - I do enjoy the results of exercise. This week's report thus far...

Sunday - Cross-country ski for over an hour (see comments on Belinda's Seven-Week Check-in for details)
Monday - 40 minute brisk walk
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 40 minute (very brisk) walk - it was soooooo cold I had a headache for the rest of the afternoon and until bed
Thursday - 40 minutes with Kathy Smith's "Lift Weights, To Lose Weights" video
Friday - will be a rest (my muscles are complaining)

So here's to my fellow friends, who I have joined in "STOPPING THE SLIDE"

The Pear
The Tomatoe (did I get the right veggie from Veggie Beat?)
Susan, fess up - what are you?

Lights out...

from the Bulb

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thanks Libby!

Libby pointed out to me today, that I had miscalculated by one whole pound when I weighed in yesteday. I've lost 6.4 pounds since January 1st. not 5.4! Woo hoo.

Libby--thanks for being more on the ball than me! That was such an encouragement.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Week 8 Check In

Well, after 7 weeks and at the start of week 8, these are the results. They may not be startling, but they are headed in the right direction and I'm happy.

Weight: 154.8 Loss 5.4 pounds

Wk. 1 Wk. 8
37 36 Loss 1 inch
31.5 30.5 Loss 1 inch
41 40.5 Loss`1/2 inch
Thigh 24.5 24 Loss 1/2 inch

That's 5.4 pounds and 3 inches. I feel good about that, even though it might seem small to some.
I'm still Miss Pear Shape, but hey, that's the way God made me. At least I'm turning into a firmer pear. :)

How's every one else doing? I'm here to cheer you on, whether in victory or struggle (we all have them; remember my cracker binge this week?)

Monday, 25 February 2008

The past week has been so busy and I've wanted to check in and say how I've been doing, but haven't found the time.

Anyway, here goes, quickly! Because of being so busy, until this evening, I don't think I've exercised since last Sunday. I didn't feel good about that and tonight I came home from work knowing that the moment I came through the door, I was changing into my yoga pants and sleeveless top and heading upstairs for the full Five Mile workout. Oh, it felt good to do it.

The good news is that I can see that I've trimmed down through the exercise and only yesterday Paul commented appreciatively that it's visibly evident that I've been working out. Yeay!

On the eating front I had a few downfalls last week. I had one night when I felt compelled to eat every last cracker in the tin. I have no idea why this happens. It's as if my brain gets programmed to clear the house of just one thing, like the crackers. I didn't feel good after my cracker binge.

On the whole though, in spite of the odd mistake like that, and not making time to work out, I feel pretty good about the direction I'm heading in. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning when I weigh in, I can report even a little loss, but I'm not giving up, even if I can't.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Week 7 Check In

155 this morning. Down .2 of a pound. Actually I am happy to be down even .2! Yesterday being a holiday--Family Day, meant that I was sort of nibbling all day.

I haven't posted much this week but I have been faithful with exercise and done my best.

Over this past weekend I caught up on sleep and feel so well rested. My goal is to maintain that. This is one area that tends to get out of balance so easily.

I hope that you, too, are doing well, and making progress, no matter how small. And remember, progress isn't always seen in numbers. Sometimes it's even in our thoughts.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Week 6 Check In

155.2 this morning. That's down 6 pounds. I am so happy to be going down, slowly but surely.

Thanks friends, because knowing that I'm checking in with you is really helping and encouraging me.

Yesterday I bought another box set of the Leslie Sansome 5 mile workout DVD and accessories, just so that Paul could have his own equipment when we exercise together.

I hope that you too, are having victories, no matter how small.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Well, fellow Slide Stoppers, I wondered if I would have a delayed reaction from my acrobatics at the end of last week, and I did wake up with a little stiffness and soreness in my neck and shoulders this morning, but I am happy to say that it didn't stop me doing the 5 mile workout this afternoon with Paul and now it's just my neck that is slightly sore.

This morning it was my turn to teach the grades 4-6 Sunday School class--16 bright souls! After getting the materials ready for class, I was able to come upstairs and stand at the back for part of the church service, until it was time for Sunday School. I was just wearing a t shirt and cords because it was warm getting ready downstairs. After church Paul told me that my mother-in-law had asked him, "Is Belinda working out? Because she looks thinner." Wow, that was encouraging! I also was so surprised that Paul's 81 year old mum would even notice, and if she did, that she would connect it with working out and not just eating healthily. It gave me a boost and I realize that even though I have still only lost 5 pounds, my body is looking trimmer and fitter.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

You Will Not Believe This

Tonight coming home from a Valentine's banquet, my hands full of a table centrepiece, my camera and shoe bag, I stepped on a piece of ice on our doorstep--and yes, my feet flew up in the air and I landed unceremoniously on my rump, and flat on my back!

I really, really am not trying to show off, but I have to say, yet again, that my body stood me in good stead. As Shan said, the body's capacity to keep itself safe is amazing.

I feel as if my centre core is so strong. That is what has kept my back safe and sound throughout my acrobatics of the past two days.

Shan, 60 minutes of belly dancing is amazing. You go girl!

And Libby, I admire you for getting to bed by 10.00 p.m. Here I am at 1.30 a.m. You are my inspiration. I shall do my best to do better next week. In fact, I'm making that my focus for next week--getting to bed earlier. Since I currently hit the sack most nights at 12.00, I will aim for 11.00 to start with. And it's great that you're eating lots of veggies. Veggies are our best friends!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Literally Stopping the Slide

Leaving work today I slipped on a patch of black ice in the driveway and landed on the ground with a bump so hard that my arm was reddened through my winter jacket. The amazing thing is that had that happened about five weeks ago, my poor bones would have been "all shook up," and I know I would have been stiff and aching afterwards. Today though, I got right up and went inside for some salt to put down and had nothing to show for the fall beside the red mark on my elbow and hand.

I felt so good about that tangible result of four weeks of exercise, that I came home and did the Five Mile Workout again.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The FIVE MILE Workout!

Friends--the Leslie Sansome DVD that I bought last weekend finally got put on tonight. It was amazing. It came with wrist weights, a stretch band and a belt with handles attached to thick rubber cords. I found it an excellent workout with a wonderful expanded stretch at the end for flexibility.

It took 65 minutes but there are three other three mile workouts on the DVD for shorter workouts or variety.

I loved the arm workout too.

And now to bed, for I understand that sleep is slimming too!

Interesting Post

Checking out some of the finalists on the Canadian Blog Awards web site, I found a funny and entertaining blog called Dutch Blitz. Angella, the blogger, wrote a post about her weight loss struggles with some really good tips. Here is the link!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Week 5 Check In

January 1st:161.2

January 8th: 159.4

January 15th 158

January 22nd 157.2

January 29th 156.6

February 5th--drum roll--STILL 156.6

Well, I am not unhappy to have lost just under 5 lb in 5 weeks. As a friend, once pointed out under similar circumstances, I have not only lost this 5lb but the other pounds that would have continued their creepage had I not "stopped the slide!"

This has been an unusually celebratory week and tomorrow I am going to The Princely Pear in Cookstown, for another lunch time celebration. I've also not been able to exercise, but I'm looking forward to Thursday evening when I'll be home and perhaps even be joined by the small gaggle of giggling granddaughters again!

Monday, 4 February 2008


Yesterday I went out for lunch after church to Swiss Chalet. I didn't have time for breakfast before leaving early for worship practice and I decided that I would just eat one meal that day but have what I really wanted, which was a quarter chicken dinner (skin on) with fries, roll and butter--and a decadent piece of carrot cake for dessert.

I didn't eat anything else that day and this morning my weight was ok, but just out of interest, I thought I would calculate the Weight Watchers points for that meal yesterday. My daily aim (and it is only an aim) is 25 points. The meal was 43 points! Nearly two days worth of points in one meal.

Well I enjoyed the meal and have no regrets about eating it, but I think it is a good thing to eat mindfully and at least count the cost.

Today, with the two meals out, I did pretty well. For lunch I had a Stampeder sandwhich with a salad and left most of the bread, which I don't care for any way, and tonight I had a chicken salad. Knowing that I weigh in tomorrow morning kept me honest!

Shan, how's the belly dancing going? And Libby--you're wise to not get hung up or feel defeated when it's a week of being quite busy. It's the long haul that matters. My aim is to treat this amazing creation God gave me to live in, with respect and care and a modicom of preventative maintenance. :)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Quick Check In

Dear Friends,
I confess that I have not exercised this weekend, due to the fact that I have been very busy and had no time. I am hoping that perhaps a long walk around Costco counts. No? Oh! :(

I did buy Leslie Sansome's 5 mile workout DVD at Costco, in a box that includes wrist weights, a stretch band and a tension thing that works the triceps. I had no time to try it, and the week ahead looks so busy that I can't imagine doing it until Thursday, but you never know!

I did go onto Dr. Oz's site, and answered a questionnaire that reveals your biological age. I am 57 and my biological age is 53.4. I would have liked it to be below 50 but I think that perhaps I am kidding myself! :) This is the site, which also has many other interesting places to visit.

I have a feeling that when I weigh in on Tuesday, I may have gone up. This is because tomorrow I have a lunch to attend, and in the evening I'm going out with some young friends who chose Harvey's for supper. I will try to make healthy choices and resist temptation. Exercise really does make such a difference and I've missed it this weekend.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Addictive Foods

Today was a good day although I did eat three slices of Amish Friendship bread. One piece was for breakfast, then I took two slices to work to share with the person I was meeting with (he was very grateful and his vanished even faster than mine--that stuff is good) and the final piece was for dessert tonight. I really feel good about the day because when I came home, very tired at the end of a week into which I packed a lot and worked very hard, I was in, "It's Friday night, let's celebrate," mode. I resisted the temptation to break out the icecream or eat the last of our chocolate grandchildren treats. Both of those things are addictive items for me, but the AFB is delicious but solid and satisfying too and I can have one slice and be happy. So even though I had three pieces in one day, I don't think it's addictive. Am I fooling myself?! :) I don't think so.

I fell asleep on the couch while watching Oprah and could not pull myself off it, I was so tired! I had a two hour nap and did not exercise tonight but I think that having a nap is being kind to your body in another way. Oh my goodness, Amish Friendship bread and long nap--I don't sound like I'm leading the charge in fitness tonight, do I?

Happy weekend every one!