Thursday, 7 February 2008

Literally Stopping the Slide

Leaving work today I slipped on a patch of black ice in the driveway and landed on the ground with a bump so hard that my arm was reddened through my winter jacket. The amazing thing is that had that happened about five weeks ago, my poor bones would have been "all shook up," and I know I would have been stiff and aching afterwards. Today though, I got right up and went inside for some salt to put down and had nothing to show for the fall beside the red mark on my elbow and hand.

I felt so good about that tangible result of four weeks of exercise, that I came home and did the Five Mile Workout again.


Libby said...

The week has gone to fast and all today kept thinking it was Friday. I have not done anything to contribute to exercise except exercising my brain this week and what a workout that can be after a year of parenting.... I am so tired tonight. I have however disciplined myself to get to bed mopstly by 10 pm and eat at least my share of veggies each day.

I caught up on your blogs tonight. Good for you for doing the 5 miles, that is just so amazing, I am proud of you.

Have a great night.

Shan said...

It's amazing to me what exercise can do to keep a body safe, not just healthy.

I danced for 60 minutes today. I used to do 90 minutes per day but haven't for a while...I'm trying to get back into it now.

I think I'll weight myself tomorrow and maybe start officially keeping track!