Sunday, 3 February 2008

Quick Check In

Dear Friends,
I confess that I have not exercised this weekend, due to the fact that I have been very busy and had no time. I am hoping that perhaps a long walk around Costco counts. No? Oh! :(

I did buy Leslie Sansome's 5 mile workout DVD at Costco, in a box that includes wrist weights, a stretch band and a tension thing that works the triceps. I had no time to try it, and the week ahead looks so busy that I can't imagine doing it until Thursday, but you never know!

I did go onto Dr. Oz's site, and answered a questionnaire that reveals your biological age. I am 57 and my biological age is 53.4. I would have liked it to be below 50 but I think that perhaps I am kidding myself! :) This is the site, which also has many other interesting places to visit.

I have a feeling that when I weigh in on Tuesday, I may have gone up. This is because tomorrow I have a lunch to attend, and in the evening I'm going out with some young friends who chose Harvey's for supper. I will try to make healthy choices and resist temptation. Exercise really does make such a difference and I've missed it this weekend.


Libby said...

I must confess I am on the same page and trying to get there. I have a feeling that I may not get to exercise until class on thursday. This too is a busy week for me, and alot of change at once, so eating is not off the charts, but not as I would like it to be.


Libby said...

Hi I did the test tonight. Interesting. I am not doing as well as you, I am rated at 3 months older than I am, so time to get to work on this... Thanks for sharing the site,