Saturday, 9 February 2008

You Will Not Believe This

Tonight coming home from a Valentine's banquet, my hands full of a table centrepiece, my camera and shoe bag, I stepped on a piece of ice on our doorstep--and yes, my feet flew up in the air and I landed unceremoniously on my rump, and flat on my back!

I really, really am not trying to show off, but I have to say, yet again, that my body stood me in good stead. As Shan said, the body's capacity to keep itself safe is amazing.

I feel as if my centre core is so strong. That is what has kept my back safe and sound throughout my acrobatics of the past two days.

Shan, 60 minutes of belly dancing is amazing. You go girl!

And Libby, I admire you for getting to bed by 10.00 p.m. Here I am at 1.30 a.m. You are my inspiration. I shall do my best to do better next week. In fact, I'm making that my focus for next week--getting to bed earlier. Since I currently hit the sack most nights at 12.00, I will aim for 11.00 to start with. And it's great that you're eating lots of veggies. Veggies are our best friends!

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Libby said...

Sorry you fell, but glad to hear you are okay. Funny what can motivate us isn't. You are doing great, and the positive spin on your fall is that you can keep going and not stop, just because you fell.... You are getting stronger and healthier every day. I can't say the same for this week. Today I did walk the mall for a couple of hours, but that was just leisurely walking, not sure that really counts.

Bought a pedmoter 2 weeks ago, maybe I should firgure out how it works and start using it.

Well tonight is weekend so going to bed a little later.

Talk to you soon.