Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Week 5 Check In

January 1st:161.2

January 8th: 159.4

January 15th 158

January 22nd 157.2

January 29th 156.6

February 5th--drum roll--STILL 156.6

Well, I am not unhappy to have lost just under 5 lb in 5 weeks. As a friend, once pointed out under similar circumstances, I have not only lost this 5lb but the other pounds that would have continued their creepage had I not "stopped the slide!"

This has been an unusually celebratory week and tomorrow I am going to The Princely Pear in Cookstown, for another lunch time celebration. I've also not been able to exercise, but I'm looking forward to Thursday evening when I'll be home and perhaps even be joined by the small gaggle of giggling granddaughters again!

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