Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Best Me

152.8 lb

It's been a year since I last posted, and in that time my weight has very slowly crept up by10lbs. 

I first heard of the Dukan diet in January last year while in England. I read the book and decided to give it a try. I weighed 159 lbs then, and I had a goal of losing 15lb. I ended up losing 16, but gaining back 12 actually because truthfully I've been hovering around 155.

It could have been worse though, because the pattern with most diets is to gain back what you lose and more. I think the fact that I haven't done that so far is due to the fact that I start every day still with one of Dr. Dukan's galattes and a yogurt, and generally I aim for protein and fruits and vegetables. 

But...and it's a big "but"(in more ways than one!) I have been lax with snacking and "over celebrating" daily.

I walked down a city street this week in the hot summer sun, and thought of how much better I would feel if I wasn't just treading water with my weight, but trimming down forever to 147 lb--the best weight I can be realistic about maintaining.

The choices are all mine; one at a time they lead in one direction or another--up; down; or straight ahead. My rational decisions though--my wish to be trim and my preference for the way I look when on the other side of 150 lb,, is not enough to compete with the immediate gratification of fat and sugar and the carbohydrate laden food I reach for at a time of day when I am tired, and feeling "deserving," or at a special meal, the other time I overindulge.

Dr. Dukan's rule for special meals--"celebration meals" as he calls them, is to have whatever you wish--twice a week, but no second  helpings. Such a meal will not sabotage a week of healthy eating.

I have done this before and this simple rule of no second helpings and stopping at two celebration meals a week, epitomizes moderation as well as celebration and enjoyment.

The weak time of day for me; evening; is another minefield to navigate. Navigating it is probably tied in with being more aware of what I am really reaching for when I open the cupboard door--and finding it in a way that will help me reach and maintain my "best me."

I'm aiming for 147 again, and it is, after all, just 6 lb away.

What I want is simply to be my "best me."