Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Checking In (Belinda)

Hey, I am 151.2 today! A whole .4 of a pound down from last week.Considering the way I ate last week, this is God's grace.

On Thursday we had a manager's meeting at our house. We decided to walk to the Bond Head Restaurant for lunch. It is an old style diner. Someone ordered a milk shake--strawberry. The next thing I knew there were little icons popping up all over our heads containing images of milkshakes! I had my favourite flavour--vanilla! Someone else had chocolate. Mmmmm. They were so good. The straws stood up in the middle of the thick shakes made with real ice cream--no artificial thickeners...hey, wait a minute, I'm supposed to be writing about "stopping the slide" aren't I? :)

The next day for supper, on an impulse while waiting with Paul for his car at Canadian Tire, I suggested (yes, it was me) that we go to the chip wagon. I had very burnt fries and onion rings, which I had been longing for since Frank ordered them the day before at the Bond Head Restaurant.

I regretted my indulgence, but then on Sunday, Daughter-in-Law Susan, called to say, "We are going to the Dairy Queen for supper. Want to meet us there?"Well, one Peanut Buster Parfait later, and with Tuesday drawing awfully close by now, I thought "I need to stop this!"Yesterday I shaped up and found help in a can of V8 in my office, which helped keep me full for the evening and helped me say no to the ice cream Paul offered me on the way home from Newmarket.

So you see, it really is God's grace that I lost .4 of a pound this week. I didn't exercise either--much. I did go for two walks!A new week is beginning and I aim to do better. Last week wasn't a total failure because in between those splurges, I was actually counting points and living my "normal-stopping the slide"way.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Staying the Course

I'm not sure if this is Week 8 or 9 for me but I weighed in at 157 lbs. today. I'v lost 12 lbs. in total. For the past two weeks I've done well at exercise, maintaining 5 times each week - 2, 45 min. weight sessions and 2, 40 min. walks at a brisk pace, and 1, 45 min. walk with 2, 3 min. runs interspersed (interval training).

Before the week-end I was 156 lbs. and struggled with a lot of cravings and succumbed to many bad choices. I ate a whole large bag of Miss Vickies Black Pepper and Lime Potatoe Chips, several large chocolate bars, jujubes and other available treats. Some I even went to specifically purchase. I felt lousy after each indulgence and frustrated with my lack of self discipline.

My portion sizes increased over the week-end too. Interestingly enough, after each 'larger' portion, I felt too full. I recognized the feeling and was encouraged by that. The portion sizes I had this past week-end may have even been slightly less than my regular portions before I joined you all with "stopping the slide". My hope is I will be conscious of my 'too full' memories, to not go down that path very often again.

I think one of the things I am learning through this process of accountability and overcoming temptations, and replacing unhealthy choices with healthier ones is that we cannot wallow or stay there when we fail. We have to acknowledge the failure or unwise choice and move on from there, even if we have to do it several times each day. Discouragement with one bad choice doesn't necessarily have to lead us to other bad choices.

"Oh well, I blew it already a few times today so I'll keep right on going today and get back on track tomorrow."
That mantra isn't healthy for me. I feel better when I can say, "Well I have blown it several times already today, but I'm going to stop right now and make a wise finish for this day"

When I resolve at some point in the day to quit giving into my food addiction, I feel good about that. It makes it easier the next day to resolve to be more successful that day. Once I've had 2-3 days in a row of more wise choices than unwise, I want to continue. It feels good and I know I'll see the results on the scale or in measurements at the end of the week.

It so helps setting goals, even at risk of failure, because I have a clear target.

So, my upcoming goal is to be at 155 lbs. when I get on the plane for Winnipeg on Thursday May 1. That means 2 lbs. in 3 days. I do have my period right now so if I can make wise food choices I just might make it.

If I don't, it's o.k. because I have made a valiant effort. I am determined to walk while I'm there and be diligent in my health consciousness. I will ask my cousin to hold me accountable so I am more likely to succeed. My dear Hannah has agreed to be a walking partner so I hope I'm setting myself up for success.

So my encouragement for myself and others this week is to "Stay the Course". If we blow it, stop, assess and choose differently the next opportunity. We can become healthier, thinner, and slimmer one choice at a time.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Today I Got Moving!

Today was a day sent from heaven.

I slogged away diligently in the office all morning but at lunch time I decided to walk to the post office and found my feet taking me in the opposite direction so that I walked around the block before getting back 20 minutes later, refreshed, cobwebs blown away. It felt wonderful and I will try to do this as often as possible; after all, I am working on the next 8 pounds.

Tuesday Check In

Well, I am 151.6 today, which is 10.2 pounds down since January 1st.

My measurements are down from 37, 31.5, 42 to 36, 30, 41

I think that I feel even better about the 3.5 inches of blubber gone than the number on the scale because I can see and feel the difference, modest though it may be.

Speaking of "modest" pace, which is code for the turtle steps; this is really not something I am discouraged by. I am happy to be rid of a ten pound sack of potatoes worth of fat, while still having a Tuesday night celebratory supper with our cell group, and family dinners and pancake breakfasts on the weekend. Not that I eat with unbridled passion at those times, but I don't deny myself anything I would like to eat. I just stop when I feel satisfied (oh maybe not quite then, but almost!:)). I can live like this.

I do need to get off my duff and start moving however. Dear friends, if I don't do that this week I will not be able to look you in the computer monitor! :)

Love from the (still) Pear Shaped Princess in Bond Head!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Steady On

Hi dear friends who are traveling this journey with me! I've been out of the loop for over a week with computer problems but am back. I've missed so much!

Congratulations Shan on your fresh motivation and your diligence with a plan. You've been doing great with exercise and mapping your journey. It is so good to have a direction, goals, and motivation. I am inspired.

The contest looks really interesting. I'll think about it and decide. I'm going to Winnipeg from May 1- 6 so I wouldn't be able to begin until after that.
I don't know if I'll ever say I'm not going to eat, "this or that". As soon as I do that, I set myself up for failure because if I give in then I beat myself up. I try to avoid potatoe chips, ice cream, donuts and well...any high fat, low nutrition foods. Occasionally I do eat french fries, chips, chocolate, and ice cream because I really enjoy them. I try to do it as a reward and moderate my eating around any of those treats.

I read about nutritious foods, health magazines, and exercise regularily to remind me (consciously and subconsciously) to make healthy choices.

Belinda, way to go on your weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race.
I can totally relate to feeling flabby and uncomfortable with new clothes. As I break out my summer clothes, it's really discouraging. I hate the fact that my arms wave bye-bye every time that I do (if you get the flappy picture). My orange peel thighs look like 3-D topographical maps and my bum wiggles when I walk. To sum it up, I don't look great in a tank top or shorts above the knee.

I've been contemplating spending the next few months in capris, long skirts, and elbow-length tees. That's the bad news!

The good news is encouraging. I am down to 158 lbs. I broke the 160 lb. mark which is a psychological victory as well as a physical one. I have achieved a total weight loss of 11 pounds since I began March 1 (almost 7 weeks ago).

Last week I exercised 4 times which I was quite happy with based on the family schedule and Josiah breaking his arm. The week before I exercised 5 times.

I'm now doing 45 minutes of weights twice a week.
Walking for 45 minutes twice a week and
Walking with 2, 3-minute jogs over the 45 minutes (interval training) once a week

Up until the last 3 days I was doing really well on small portion sizes and regulating myself to proper "serving Sizes" as well as little snacking.
The past 3 days I've indulged in delicious home-made cookies, chocolate, and larger portions. I really feel the difference and ate a small supper tonight of carrots and an apple. If I am hungrier later I'll have a rye ryvita cracker (like melba toast) with cream cheese and salsa.

Short- Term Goals:

155 lbs. by May 1st which is 3 lbs. over the next 10 days.

150 lbs by June 1st (5 lbs. in 4 weeks)

145 lbs. by July 1st (5 lbs. in 4 weeks)

140 lbs. over July and August (5 lbs over the 2 summer mos.)

My ultimate goal is to be between 130-135 lbs. I've got between 23-28 lbs. to lose.

I would like to concentrate my energies on eating regular serving sizes and snacking occasionally. I want to be able to say, "I eat to live rather than I live to eat." which often times today is the case. As well I want to be able to develop a habit of walking 3 times a week and doing some resistance training twice a week as a lifestyle habit.

So I press on with all of you as we visualize being slim, trim, and fit.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Good News and Bad (But Mostly Good)

The good news is that my weight is finally edging down but I'll wait until Tuesday to post the number officially (and hope it's still down by then!)

The bad news is that I went to my favourite consignment store this afternoon on the way home from work and even thought I'm only 10 pounds from my goal, and doing well, I think, I was having a "fat day." I felt so flabby when I looked in the mirror! I'm sure that's because I haven't exercised seriously for two weeks. I must get back on the exercise horse.

I'm winning though and feeling much better than I did back on January 1st when I was close to 162 pounds and climbing.

One of my other lifestyle goals, "driving relaxed," is going so well. I am not speeding anymore. I just don't do it. It feels good to spot a police car and not have a reflex to put my foot on the brake. I like it.

Lastly I have been working on being on time, instead of the five minutes late that is my norm. That too, is going well and I love the feeling of being early and unstressed. If I'd only known it would feel this good I would have started earlier! I am so hopeful for change.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Checking In

Okay, so I'm not bothering with which week it is anymore, but I was 152.8 pounds this morning!

I didn't exercise last week, which is terrible. Tiffany-Amber is sitting beside me and she joined the basketball team to stay healthy! Do I get credit for that? Tiffany-Amber says yes! :)

Something I've been trying is eating a bowl of oatmeal in the evening when I feel hungry. I have a large box of a healthy instant oatmeal from Costco that is only 2 points per package. I may have one before supper tonight (cell group is always a time for celebratory eating and this may fend off some of the "celebration")

Stay tuned! :)

The Contest

The weekend was kind of low-exercise, because we were getting ready to get our puppy on Monday and I was busy cleaning and decluttering in preparation for that. But yesterday, Monday, I did the first of the Couch to 5K interval workouts, Week Two. I should have had two more workouts of Week One, but it was a bit too easy so I skipped ahead.

Last week I started to develop shin splints. I used to get these nine or ten years ago, when I was doing 1.5 hours of high-impact aerobics four to five times weekly. (This was before kids, of course. Who has that kind of time nowadays?) It was excruciatingly painful and I remember it well. So, when I started getting some symptoms I jumped on the prevention right away.

First off, I need new shoes. I can't afford them right now, so I will just have to make do with what I have for the time being.

Second, I am (I think) an "underpronator". I have very high arches and I hit the ground with heel, then outer edge of foot, then ball of foot. I have to be careful about my running technique, stride length, and the slant of the surface.

Third, I am heavy. I am pretty close to 190 pounds, and that kind of impact over and over is going to be hard on my body. Good for it - but hard on it. This calls for careful warming up and cooling down, careful choice of surface, attention to form, and cautious increase of running time. Two weeks ago I ran for about 30 minutes, total. Last week I ran for a total of about 60 minutes, spread out over four runs. It was too much, too soon.

I am surprised how much I would miss running if I weren't able to do it. This isn't because I love running - I'd much rather be lifting weights or (bliss of blisses) rowing a boat. But running is shorts + shoes + jacket + out my front door = exercise. It doesn't get much easier or cheaper than that.

In other news:

My sister-in-law is also trying to lose weight this year. She has imposed a Junk Moratorium on herself, and has invited anyone who pleases to join her.

I have joined her, and I have put this prize into the Pot:
the winner's choice of
a) handknit socks; or
b) a lace scarf.

The winner, of course, being the person who holds out longest.

The rules aren't hard and fast yet, but I'm sure they'll be hammered out over time. Amy has ruled out, for herself, chocolate, doughnuts, chips, fries, pop, cakes, cookies. I will be doing the same as she...if I think of anything else I'll add it.

Anyway, if you are interested in joining us, please stop by her blog and sign yourself up. So far there are only three of us, so it's not a huge contest or anything, but the element of competition could be very helpful.

It'll be interesting to see how long we can remain, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, "Master of our domain."

Hee hee.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Conversation with Susan

Hey Friends,
I changed our "blog description" from "chronicling the journey from frumpy to fit." This was as a result of a conversation over lunch with Susan, who said, "If you're frumpy, what does that make me?" which made me realize that what had been "all about me" might have had an unintended effect.

Susan also asked if there was a reason that God was not an overt part of this blog as he is on my other blog, Whatever He Says. It was hard to explain why, because he is part of my whole journey of life and I pray for my buddies on this blog as they and I encourage one another.

I think that I was on guard against "overspiritualizing" my own battle with food addiction, and yet there is a spiritual aspect to any battle and perhaps a bigger aspect than I have acknowledged here. So, I just want to say, that God is my life, my Lord and my Salvation and therefore the key to winning any battle in life.

He also gives us friends to help us on our way and I'm glad that you are there.

Joyful and I sat together last night at our writers group and surveyed the feast of refreshments with laughter at our plight! Joyful was wonderful and stuck to the "three things" she chose as her limit! There was no guilt or any sense of being under scrutiny as we each dealt with the temptation in our own way; just support. Thanks Joyful a.k.a. Fox.

And now perhaps Susan will show up on this blog. :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

If I may be so bold?

So, I got serious last week.

Sunday: 60 minute walk
Monday: 1 hour dancing
Tuesday: 1 hour dancing (class)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 45 minutes - 25 walk, 20 run
Friday: 30 minute walk
Saturday: 30 minute walk

Then, this week so far we have
Sunday: off
Monday: 20 minute run, 15 minute walk
Tuesday: 1 hour dancing (class)
Wednesday: off.

I weighed myself this morning - 186, or 6 pounds lost, in total, from my January weight of 192.

I feel pretty good about it, and I'm getting some practice just saying "Thank you" when someone remarks on it. I still have to bite back a retort all about the Beauty Myth, but it's getting easier.

I did Fox's trick of visualizing six blocks of butter, and it felt even better.

I think I will be able to maintain this momentum. As the sun comes out more often I will check the bike, oil what needs to be oiled, and get it back on the road.

My goal for this year is a simple one....and I will do it. I will arrive at my birthday, October 16, 20 pounds lighter. That is, I will be 170 pounds, or as near to it as makes no difference. This is a loss of 16 pounds in about 26 weeks, or a half pound a week.

How I'll get there is, I'll eat a bit less, drink more water, and I will work out a minimum of five times a week. It might be biking, running, dancing or walking....it's the habit of movement that matters.

I thought about 160, but I have a very strong aversion from that number. I'm afraid to even say it as a goal....so I will go to 170 and reassess.

Thanks for your support guys. It's been shockingly effective.
: )


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Second of Two Weak Weeks (week 15 check in)

Starting point on January 1st 161.2
Today 152. 4

I literally held my breath this morning, sure that my weight would not be down and sorry that I would be failing my friends, but by total grace I was down from last week.

This is so undeserved after I had a week of weakness, but I am so grateful as it has encouraged me to get back on the horse!

Joyful's post on her relationship with food made me think about my own root issues. I'm not sure that I've pinned them down. I probably need to dig deeper, but if there's an addictive gene I'm sure it resides in our family.

Both of my parents smoked throughout my childhood (it did nothing to stunt my growth however!) and alcohol wreaked much unhappiness in our household.

I didn't start smoking myself, or drink enough to become addicted, for which I am ever grateful, but I think that tendency to find solace and comfort in something mindless, morphed in me to eating.

We certainly ate healthily, supplemented by vitamins and cod liver oil (which I loved!), but both my brother and I have a weakness for "feeding frenzies" with chocolate and cookies.

Is there an "addictive stronghold?" I don't know. Maybe that would be too easy and excuse.

Last night I left work having had a good day, but when I got home, Paul didn't want a cooked meal so I made peanut butter on toast for my own supper and threw in some cookies (those good old Peak Freens) and anything else I could quickly lay my hands on to fill the void. Fortunately I was saved from total disaster by going out to help a friend move, which took me out of the house for three hours and I managed to not eat when I got home!

So here I go into week 15 feeling encouraged by the fact that two weak weeks aren't my whole life. But also wanting to break a cyclical pattern that I'm seeing.

I may be going at a turtle's pace but I have gone down and I am encouraged anew to keep at it. And I'm hoping to gain insight as I go.

For Shan I have to say this. It isn't so much about being thinner (although I confess I would like to be by about 10 lb), but about breaking the back of my eating problem--because I do have one. If I hadn't started this journey in January, I would no doubt be 12 to 15 pounds heavier than I am now and unhappy with myself and the fact that nothing I owned would fit.

I would love ideas on what to do when the urge to binge hits in the evening. That's my tough time.

Well, onward into a new week!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Just What I Need

I have been challenging old habits and exploring them. I thought of growing up and portion sizes and food. All things considered we were a large-eating family. Meal times were always times when we ate together. For the most part food was plentiful.

Pre-school years and all through grade school my Dad worked at a construction site. He was an electrician. He worked hard and purchased no food or drink. He brought his tea in a large thermos and all his meals in a lunch pail. When he got home he was hungry. In those years, his body required a lot of food. We were a meat and potatoes family - no pasta, pizza, stir fry's or tacos.
Definitely never eggs or quiche for supper. And that was before the expression, "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" was vogue. Rarely, if ever, was salad served at the supper table although there were plenty of cooked vegetables.

My mom is 5'9" which is tall for a lady born in the early '30's. She is small boned and even now, weighs little. She's tall and lean and is 130 lbs. When they married, she was 28 years old and my dad could put his hands around her waist, fingers and thumbs touching.

However, can my mom eat! She eats large portions at lunch and dinner and usually a small breakfast. She usually made simple, nutritious meals and we always had dessert at supper. Whether it was a baked apple, fresh fruit, canned fruit, cakes, custard, rice pudding, ice cream or custard - there was always a dessert that she had freshly prepared that day. The rule was simple: if you wanted dessert, you ate your supper, no exceptions. I always checked first to see what dessert was before I forced down something like liver, heart, cow's tongue, or fish. My mom was smart though, on liver nights, there was usually a wonderful cake for dessert so I learned to eat liver. Sometimes I could quietly sneak it to the dog under the table.

We ate good food, heavy on protein, light on carbs, and a healthy variety of vegetables, and lots of fresh fruit. There was never processed food in the home, no peanut butter, ready-made snacks, chips or pop. We were allowed one 4 oz. serving of orange juice at breakfast and one 4 oz. serving of apple juice at dinner time - no seconds. When we were thirsty, we drank water - no exceptions! I think my brother could have a measured amount of milk servings. I didn't drink milk, after kindergarten. I gagged it down, sometimes bringing it up, until I was 5. I think Mom talked to the Dr. and then no more milk for me. I was relieved and I'm sure my mom was too.

I have a lot to be thankful for in terms of nutritious food and healthy eating habits that were passed down to me from my family. One thing that was never taught us though was healthy portion size. You ate everything on your plate or until you were full. I never learned when I was full because I was always stuffed and that became the norm.

Fortunately for me, we were an active family. Sports, walking, and lots of outdoor play was encouraged. My dad played badminton professionally and many other sports recreationally. He was a natural athlete. My mom was active too in a different way. She biked, walked, bowled, swam, and enjoyed canoeing in the summer.

As children, we were very active. Both my brother and I had fast metabolisms. All through school years, including university, I was tiny, or petite. I enjoyed sports and they were a huge part of my life. I don't know any girl, and few guys who ate more than I did. I had a reputation.

No one ever called me greedy or gluttonous but I probably was. For me, restaurant portions were never enough. I ate mine and anyone else's who couldn't finish theirs. A standard fare for me in high school and young adulthood at Swiss Chalet was: Half chicken dinner with fries and then a side order of fries and a salad with chalet dressing. I ordered 2 chalet sauces. Oh, and I always finished off with a chocolate Super Sundae for dessert. I rarely felt full when I was finished.

I guess because I fit in the culturally defined role of thinness, I was accepted. No one challenged me on my eating. I wasn't obese although many people who were, ate less than I did. Socially, I had no sanctions for my eating habits.

I am 43 now. For the last 10 years I have had to monitor my eating and maintain exercise. I lost weight easily after Hannah and with a little work, after Josh. By Olivia, it was more of a challenge. After 2 miscarriages, I got really high. It was then that I first joined weight watchers through a friend. She joined but I got all the information and bought a Weight Watcher's Cookbook at Costco. For the first time, I learned what were healthy portion sizes and what was a serving size. Was I shocked! I couldn't even imagine eating that little.

However, I learned and over 9 months, I lost 30 lbs. I didn't gain that back. I then got pregnant with the twins. When I came out of the hospital (5 days after their birth), I was back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes, and they were too big! I was nursing 11 and a half hours in every 24 hour period.

I indulged. I was getting very little sleep, averaging one and a half hours in every 24 hour period for the first 2 mos. What I didn't get in sleep, I made up for in food. By the time they were 6 mos. I began to gain weight. When they were a year old, I began exercising 3 times a week but didn't reduce my food intake. My hormones were really out of whack and I was officially in the "change of life", cycling on average every 16 days for over a year. When I was 30 lbs. overweight I knew it was time to change. I had to begin, "Stopping the Slide" and make healthy lifestyle changes.

After Shan's first blog, I thought about why I over-eat and snack. My parents rarely ever snack. It's just not part of their lifestyle. After dinner time is passed, they don't even have a cup of tea. Since I've been a stay-at-home mom, I snack. I look for after-the-kids-are-down rewards, especially when Jason's working his 2 weeks of evenings. I also seek out chocolate or sugary snacks about 4:00 p.m , my low time. Now I have nothing in the house, because of my lack of self-control. I eat protein at every meal, so I am satiated. I snack wisely in the afternoon (a piece of fruit and/or a ryvita cracker with cream cheese and salsa) to help with the cravings.

Sadly, I sometimes go out and buy a chocolate bar or when I am out I have a war with my self as to whether or not to treat myself to one. I crave chips during my cycle times or other salty snacks. I tend to desire larger quantities of food pre-cycle. I know what healthy serving sizes are and battle with it.

I am trying to learn to eat just what I need. I don't always discern, even now, when I have eaten enough. I enjoy food and if I like the taste, I want more - even when I'v had enough.

So by accident I stumbled on a blog 2 weeks ago that really got me thinking. It was a real eye-opener. The author is Bekah Ferguson and she lives here in Ontario. She calls herself a food addict and explains what an addiction is. By her definition, I qualify. She calls gluttony or greed a sin. Ouch! Her blog was convicting reading as well as thought-provoking. I guess I want to say, just because I'm not obese, doesn't mean I don't have a food problem. I'm not sure if it is fair to say that just because you are obese, you have a problem with food. We all need to learn to eat just what we need. Our exercise or output needs to be more than our input. It's that simple in theory. It's all those emotional attachments that go with eating that make losing weight so complex.

If any of you are interested, the site I stumbled onto is bekahferguson.blogspot.com Sorry I can't do the link for you. I'm not yet that computer savvy. Incidentally, she is an author and a mom of 2 young children. Her blog is easy to read!

I need to explore the concept of food-addiction more. In the meantime I want to learn to eat just what I need!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. It means so much.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

It's the thought that counts.

I haven't weighed myself this week.

But I am doing better at being happy about the three pounds, and resolved to make it four soon.

Sunday night I walked with a friend for an hour. This is the kind of walk where you have to take short little steps for the first ten minutes, as you are almost going straight down. Then you turn right and walk up a little, but mostly flattish, then you turn right again and spend another ten minutes practically climbing, the grade is so steep. Then you turn right again and have a gentle downgrade to home. We have the same route we walk every time, though we don't get out as often as we'd like. Michelle is a chef, owns her own store and has a six-year-old daughter - she has very busy days. It left me with a sore arse and the determination to make it sore again, soon.

Yesterday, Monday, I danced for an hour. Then today, Tuesday, was class day, so another hour of dancing.

After class the woman who dances beside me came up to me and said "I noticed you're looking good!" I could tell by the way she said it that she meant "have you lost weight" and my back went straight up, immediately. I fought back against the impulse to return a cool answer, and instead smiled and said "thank you - I just bought some new workout clothes and they are nicer than my old ones". She laughed and said "Well, if that's all it is, then it was About Time."

I react this way when people notice my weight loss because I am very sensitive to the implication that How I Was Before wasn't good enough. I need to work on letting go. I need to accept, to a point, that society is how it is - thinner is always considered better, and people will assume you WANT your weight loss to be noticed.

Even if I don't want it noticed, they mean well.

So I'll smile and say thank you, and resist the urge to go buy a cheesecake just to show them that big can be beautiful, too.

Sigh. We can be so self-defeating at times, can't we?

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Check in, week 14

Hey I'm 154 lb this morning. No surprise there, after my weekend of splurging here and splurging there.

I'm not discouraged. I know I'm still on my own snail's pace but moving in the right direction, course.

The difference is that I do know why I'm 154 and not 151 this morning. I'm not burying my head in the sand and saying wide eyed, "I hardly ate a thing." Counting points really helps ground one in reality! Thanks Weight Watchers.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, being an almost compulsive record keeper, I'd like to share my statistics from July 2002 when I re-joined as a Lifetimer.

Back then I weighed in at 169 (which would have been about 167 in the morning, which is when I weigh in now). I only joined to encourage a friend, but to my surprise I ended up losing 24 pounds and being the perfect weight for me for a long time afterwards until I forgot that exercize is essential in keeping the metabolism going and you always have to be aware of the amount you're eating. So now I'm up still by about 11 pounds--but heading down!

Hey friends--how're you doing?