Thursday, 17 April 2008

Good News and Bad (But Mostly Good)

The good news is that my weight is finally edging down but I'll wait until Tuesday to post the number officially (and hope it's still down by then!)

The bad news is that I went to my favourite consignment store this afternoon on the way home from work and even thought I'm only 10 pounds from my goal, and doing well, I think, I was having a "fat day." I felt so flabby when I looked in the mirror! I'm sure that's because I haven't exercised seriously for two weeks. I must get back on the exercise horse.

I'm winning though and feeling much better than I did back on January 1st when I was close to 162 pounds and climbing.

One of my other lifestyle goals, "driving relaxed," is going so well. I am not speeding anymore. I just don't do it. It feels good to spot a police car and not have a reflex to put my foot on the brake. I like it.

Lastly I have been working on being on time, instead of the five minutes late that is my norm. That too, is going well and I love the feeling of being early and unstressed. If I'd only known it would feel this good I would have started earlier! I am so hopeful for change.


Shan said...

"Driving relaxed", that's good. Having children pretty much cured me of speeding, but I still reflexively ease up on the accelerator when I see a cruiser, just in case!

Susan said...

I can testify to the fact that you are "driving relaxed". I followed you down the ramp onto Hwy 400 on Thurs morning. You were traveling the posted speed limit exactly, even when the maniac behind you and then right beside kept honking away. I could tell by your body language that you were wondering what on earth you were doing wrong, and why you were being honked at, but you didn't speed up. You finally realized it was your crazy friend, me, waved, smiled and then ZOOM! I left you in the dust.

Well, I'm driving relaxed too, but relaxed for me means: no faster than you have to be going in order to get pulled over. So on Hwy 400, that's a breezy 119. I used to go between 130 and 140, depending on the flow of traffic in the left lane, so that's a BIG improvement for me!

It's good to hear you're going down, too. :o)

Belinda said...

Hey, it was the perfect start to my day to find you waving at me beside my window!

Thanks for testifying to the fact that I have changed my ways. It's exciting to me to realize that change is possible and it has given me hope for all the other areas of my life that would benefit from change.