Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Today I Got Moving!

Today was a day sent from heaven.

I slogged away diligently in the office all morning but at lunch time I decided to walk to the post office and found my feet taking me in the opposite direction so that I walked around the block before getting back 20 minutes later, refreshed, cobwebs blown away. It felt wonderful and I will try to do this as often as possible; after all, I am working on the next 8 pounds.


Shan said...

Good for you Belinda!

I missed my Monday night run, opting instead for a cup of tea with my best friend, who is battling cancer. Only two treatments left.....

I did go to Belly dance last night, which was great, and I will be doing a run/walk tomorrow. So the week won't be a total loss!

Joyful Fox said...


It has been such gorgeous weather, it is great to walk about. Way to go with walking at work!

I also enjoyed what you wrote for your Tuesday check-in! A modest pace is good because you're making lifestyle habits that will see you through the long haul.

It was a good reminder to me to enjoy things as you go while still slowly losing weight.

I also liked the fact that you have been keeping measurements. That is a truer way to measure success because when you exercise- while you reduce calories, sometimes you substitute muscle for fat which weighs more - yet you don't see any victory on the scale.

I'm now determined to measure again - at least get a base. I didn't want to before because I was the biggest I'd ever been and it was so disheartening.

I can feel the difference in my jeans and Jason notices in my tummy and above my hips.

This morning I was 157 lbs. and I'm going for 155 lbs. by next Thursday (May 1). If I'm only at 156 lbs. I'd still be happy but I'm going to Winnipeg to visit my cousin and although I know I've lost 12 lbs. since March 1st, the last time I saw her was 3 years ago and I was 135 lbs. so I'm self conscious of the 20 lbs. I've gained since then. It makes me feel better to know I'v lost and am stopping the slide.

Well - good to hear how it's going with our healthy lifestyle choices and weight loss.

Blessings friend!

Belinda said...

Thanks for such encouragement dear friends. Today I was too busy to even stop for lunch, but I aim to escape as often as possible and to expand the range of my walks.

I'm afraid I came home tonight and had a Coffee Crisp AND a Cadbury's Easter Cream egg, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! :)

Yes, Joyful, taking measurements is a good idea. When I look back at what my measurements were before I lost weight a few years back it reminds me (even when discouraged) that I am still slimmer than I was then. I was 4 more inches around the hips when I found myself at Weight Watchers and lost 24 pounds. I did creep up by 18 pounds over the last couple of years, but now that I'm back down 10, I only have 8 to go (as long as I can stay away from the Coffee Crisps:) )