Monday, 4 February 2008


Yesterday I went out for lunch after church to Swiss Chalet. I didn't have time for breakfast before leaving early for worship practice and I decided that I would just eat one meal that day but have what I really wanted, which was a quarter chicken dinner (skin on) with fries, roll and butter--and a decadent piece of carrot cake for dessert.

I didn't eat anything else that day and this morning my weight was ok, but just out of interest, I thought I would calculate the Weight Watchers points for that meal yesterday. My daily aim (and it is only an aim) is 25 points. The meal was 43 points! Nearly two days worth of points in one meal.

Well I enjoyed the meal and have no regrets about eating it, but I think it is a good thing to eat mindfully and at least count the cost.

Today, with the two meals out, I did pretty well. For lunch I had a Stampeder sandwhich with a salad and left most of the bread, which I don't care for any way, and tonight I had a chicken salad. Knowing that I weigh in tomorrow morning kept me honest!

Shan, how's the belly dancing going? And Libby--you're wise to not get hung up or feel defeated when it's a week of being quite busy. It's the long haul that matters. My aim is to treat this amazing creation God gave me to live in, with respect and care and a modicom of preventative maintenance. :)


Shan said...

Wow, you didn't eat ANYTHING ELSE all day? Didn't you get hungry? I would have, points be damned. (I don't do well with hunger.)

The belly dancing is going well, except that I'm not practicing every day like I used to. It seems to be getting harder to fit in the dancing when I've also got to do homeschool, housekeeping, knitting and blogging.

I'll keep trying though.

Belinda said...

Wow, Shan, I remember the days of young motherhood. I used to bake my own bread, use terry cloth diapers (disposable ones were only just appearing and we thought that they were for special occasions only!), and I had a second hand ringer washing machine that shorted out and gave me electric shocks spontaneously--oh,and no dryer. I didn't home school though. This is sounding like the Monty Python skit The Four Yorkshiremen. :) You truly do not have the luxury of masses of time.