Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Week 7 Check In

155 this morning. Down .2 of a pound. Actually I am happy to be down even .2! Yesterday being a holiday--Family Day, meant that I was sort of nibbling all day.

I haven't posted much this week but I have been faithful with exercise and done my best.

Over this past weekend I caught up on sleep and feel so well rested. My goal is to maintain that. This is one area that tends to get out of balance so easily.

I hope that you, too, are doing well, and making progress, no matter how small. And remember, progress isn't always seen in numbers. Sometimes it's even in our thoughts.


Shan said...
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Shan said...

I don't really weigh myself...partly a backlash against the beauty myth and partly because my weight hasn't changed, except for pregnancy-related fluctuations, in 12 years. But I'll be jumping on once a week so I can report to you.
: )

last week: 190
this week: 189

Belinda said...

Oh Shan, good for you losing a pound, as long as you wanted to!

Have you had any chance to belly dance? If you could master it while knitting, that would be quite a feat.

Tracy Huurman said...

Way to go Belinda, or should I say WEIGH to go?

I am on this journey too, and it's a doozy. I've got to get back into the exercise routines. I have the LS 5 mile set also, but haven't started it yet, still working my way through the 1,2,3 mile DVD. not quite ready for 5.

Belly dancing sounds like fun though...

Keep it up Belinda!