Thursday, 28 February 2008

A "CHICK-IN" - From the Lightbulb

I got on the scale last night, yes I dared, and was pleasantly surprised. I was a heavy 165 (that means the needle wasn't really at the 166 lbs.)

My scale isn't the fancy digital kind -it's frumpy like I used to be -before I lost my 4 lbs.

Well, a lightbulb, I may still be, but my bulb isn't shining quite as bright.

I overcame my water problem and of course established another one. I made up a little ditty:

(To the Tune of 'The Hokey Pokey")

Here some water, there some water, and give a little shout,
Water, water in, water water out, that's what it's all about.
A sip, sip here, a sip, sip there, and don't have time to pout,
Everyone run, here comes Mom, I gotta get it out!

Yes it's true. I am consuming 80-100 oz. of aqua a day, so all that fat can run away!

I know from experience, that in a week or so, my body will adjust to the new water consumption but till then I'll just sing my ditty.

Well, I've had 5 babies you bladder has been sat on 5 times - the last was double trouble and not a fadder bladder. My muscles have to develop there too - tighten, or frighten.

Jokes new morning regime has an added component. I fill a jug with 100 oz. of water and plop it in the fridge - right at the front. Everyone's been told, "It's moms, to help her lose weight. No one touch, please!"

I pour 8 oz. glasses from the jug and well... you know the ditty...I sip from it, fill another... all day long...

As well, I'm doing o.k. on the points - Monday I maxxed out at 27, Tuesday -23 (Hooray for me!), Wednesday- 26 (got a little cocky from Tuesday's celebrating and ate 3 more pts. worth), Thursday-24 (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Hats off to you Shan for your trainer friend's, "NO 5 C's rule"
Great advice and "Good for You" if you can follow it.

I can live without cake, don't even really like it, so that's no problem.

Candy isn't a horribly strong pull, although it would be hard to pass up nibs, red licorice, jelly beans, and Hot Tomales. In fact, even writing them is causing me to salivate. I think with a little more weight loss, and a stronger resolve, I could do it!

I enjoy chips and would like to have them very occasionally - hopefully not in the next 2 mos. and hopefully seldom, if ever, after 4:00 pm.

Cookies, mmm...hmmm...this is beginning to be a problem. I do enjoy home-made ones, batter's better. However , when my resolve is strong, I can usually pass up boughten ones.

Chocolate is the real problem. Can't choose to live without that. Chocolate is beyond decadent.

But I have a mantra.

It works really "good" (except for chocolate, cookie batter, and occasionally chips). Well, it works beyond "good" actually. It is powerful.

My mantra is:


I don't usually say it before I eat chocolate or occasionally, chips. I don't like feeling guilty.
I learned this mantra from a Personal Coach (not mine) who coaches people on loosing weight. His clients all "use it, to lose it", so to speak.

I can't remember his name right now but if I do soon, Ill post the source.

I gotta ask this. I just have to know.

Has anyone ever heard the radio ad for a weight-loss program? Can't remember that program either. The ad is a song actually. I 've heard it on CFTR, a news station.

One of the lines, sung by a man goes like this...

"Blubbery, blubbery, blubbery...I'm a fat guy. Look at me, I'm a pear."

I nearly fell out of the driver's seat when I heard it the first time. Then Jason came home from work, several days later and asked, "Hey, did you hear that ad on the radio?
He then sang it, adding the "Look at me, I'm a pear" line. Then I really laughed because I hadn't caught that line the first time I heard it. It made it twice as funny because my husband is 6"3" and very, very lanky and lean. I heard it a couple of years ago now but we just heard it on the way to church last Sunday and Jason and I just looked at each other and chuckled.

Has anyone else heard that song!

One last thing...


It always comes back to that - Speed up our metabolism, strengthen our muscles, and create mental space - I do enjoy the results of exercise. This week's report thus far...

Sunday - Cross-country ski for over an hour (see comments on Belinda's Seven-Week Check-in for details)
Monday - 40 minute brisk walk
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 40 minute (very brisk) walk - it was soooooo cold I had a headache for the rest of the afternoon and until bed
Thursday - 40 minutes with Kathy Smith's "Lift Weights, To Lose Weights" video
Friday - will be a rest (my muscles are complaining)

So here's to my fellow friends, who I have joined in "STOPPING THE SLIDE"

The Pear
The Tomatoe (did I get the right veggie from Veggie Beat?)
Susan, fess up - what are you?

Lights out...

from the Bulb


Belinda said...

Oh Joyful Fox, my dear Lightbulb friend, you made me laugh with all of your escapades this week, especially your water drinking. You must be sloshing around!

You have done SO well counting points. Good for you! What a great start! Congratulations on 4 pounds off already.

Ladies and vegetables, we are quite a crew!
Your friend, the firm Pear

Shan said...

Boy oh Boy did I crash today. Went to a friend's gourmet shop for a cooking class entitled "Wine and Cheese Pairings" and came home at 10:00 PM sloshed, giggly, and absolutely happy. Six different cheeses, six different wines, pure white baguette, raw honey COMPLETE WITH COMB, 85% chocolate, and yet more cheese. Triple creme brie, Montgomery cheddar, David Wood truffle gruyere....mmmmm. SO glad weigh-in isn't tomorrow.

In the morning it's back to being a "lean teenage greyhound" but for tonight I had such a wonderful time and didn't think about my weight even once.

Joyful Fox said...

That sounds divine. If we're in this weight-loss for the long haul, there are times we need to splurge, and I think that had to be one of them.

It sounds like you'll begin a new day today, counting calories and being faithful to your goal.

Way to go, for discerning that last night was simply a time to enjoy!