Monday, 14 January 2008

The Weekend Survived

The weekend, which included a delicious roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner with dessert, was great.

Exercising is the key. Leslie Sansome says that her Fast Four Mile Interval Training workout, burns a whole meal off. That is great because it means that there is grace for a treat here and there, as long as I don't go on a binge!

On top of that benefit, exercise truly is energizing.

The other thing is that if you eat healthily the whole week, you can actually have one day when you eat what you like and still lose weight.

Tonight I wore a long skinny t shirt over my yoga pants, to exercise in. It showed all my midriff bulges off to perfection, which was quite motivating.

I still am not exactly light footed when exercising, but I know I will build endurance if I keep going!

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