Friday, 11 January 2008

A Surprise

Last night we had Alpha training at church and so there was no time for exercise, but we did Leslie Sansome's 4 mile workout on Wednesday night; the one we bought on Sunday, with interval training. It is pretty brutal since she does a "boosted walk," which is code for jogging! I did it for the first time on Sunday night and definitely felt the pull of gravity, which is probably why I called this blog, Stopping the Slide."

Anyway, it was chilly today, so I wore my zippered boots to work and I usually have not worn them lately if I can help it, because, I hate to admit this; it has been hard to reach down and pull the zippers up or down. My back seemed to be fused half way down and so I would have to get into "accommodating positions" to accomplish the task. Today without realizing what I was doing I bent down easily to take off my boots. I was so excited that for the rest of the day, every time I bent down to pick up a piece of paper, or later, laundry to fold, I reveled in the new flexibility in my back.

This is so unexpected. On Sunday as I was doing my clumsy prance--that's what it is--in the bedroom, to Leslie Sansome, I could feel something in my lower right back. That's where I had a problem going on. I wondered if I was going to aggravate it, but instead all that jumping around seems to have loosened my back up.

I am grateful!

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