Saturday, 19 January 2008

Checking in to say that this has been a good, good day.

I had about 6.5 hours sleep and got up at 6.30 ready to roll!

Saturday mornings always involve pancakes here, with family. I considered skipping eating any and sticking to my yummy organic cereal from Costco, but instead I had one large crepe rolled up, and instead of sugar and lemon juice, English style, I ate it plain and enjoyed the simple taste of the home made pancake. I had an orange too. That felt like a great compromise and it was painless.

I exercised tonight and am sitting here sweaty still! You really wanted to know that didn't you. 4 Fast Miles with Leslie Sansome does that to you.

I must say that it's very motivating to lose weight when I look at myself in yoga pants with my hair tied back. There's no hiding the fact that there is work to be done! I had "let myself go" as they used to say years ago! Slowly but surely the pounds crept on, but this morning the scales told a hopeful tale. I wonder how I'll do this Tuesday when I record my weight here for the third time since January 1st!

Anyone joining me on the quest to vibrant health--let me know how you're doing too. It's encouraging to have friends on the journey.


Anonymous said...

Hey I think I will be brave in the morning and step on the scales. Lets see the actual starting point, I have to face it sometime.

No walking last night or tonight but Monday night back to the treadmill for me.


Belinda said...

Good for you! That is a great start and I wish you well, no matter what the scales say, you've already started the journey of fitness.