Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Long Haul

Tuesday mornings are the perfect "weigh in" mornings for me. They are one day removed from the weekend and they are the start of "cell group day," which is a day when our home is full of people in the evening, gathering for a meal and conversation about God.

Yesterday I also had breakfast with my friend Irene. Bacon, eggs, toast and home fries! Because of that breakfast, I just had fruit for lunch; not that I needed lunch! Then for supper I had made a pot of delicous chili, with salad and a loaf of crusty bread. Oh, I made apple pie, too, for my friend Ann's neice Samantha, who is coming to the Alpha series we are holding in our home, and had mentioned that she'd come if there was pie.

In spite of many indulgences yesterday, I was only up a pound this morning. I am finding that the same principle holds true for weight loss as the stock market, it's what happens over the long haul that counts, not the odd "blip" up or down!

I had no time to exercise yesterday, or today, but tomorrow I must!

Libby, thank you for the thought of 4 pounds of butter melting off me in a big greasy puddle. So that's why my face is breaking out all of a sudden.

And Shan, I hope the belly dancing is going well. Onward fellow fat fighters!

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Shan said...

It's interesting that you should say you're breaking out - when I was losing weight after my daughters I REALLY noticed that. It makes sense - toxins are stored in fat. So as the fat is processed for fuel, the toxins are released and must be flushed out, through the liver and skin (especially if you're working out, therefore sweating). It's a good sign!