Monday, 21 January 2008

Tonight I did the Fast Four Miles but did the modified version for a good part of it! I don't know why but sometimes I just have more energy to do the "boosted" version, which is actually jogging. Nevertheless I worked up a sweat over the 47 minutes of exercise and I don't think I'm doing badly for a 57 year old woman who wants to believe that if you exercise, you can turn back the physical clock 10 years.

Today I drove to Huntsville and back--about 4 hours of driving. I didn't feel drowsy. That nap yesterday must have really helped!

I didn't do badly eating wise today either. Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in and I'll take my measurements too!

How's it going out there! :)


Shan said...

How it's going out here? Well, I have yet to run a step. My husband keeps having these crisis meetings at work, leaving me on solo duty with the kids from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

But I have started belly dancing again and will be doing that for 1 hour daily.

The eating.....well, the cupcakes I made a few days ago are finally gone, so that can only be good.

Belinda said...

Yeay Shan! Belly dancing must be so much fun and very good exercise indeed--perhaps leading to more good exercise. :)

I have some CD's of Moroccan music, which I love and I have a really good recipe for Moroccan Vegetarian Ragout, which I will post on the blog in a day or so.

Anonymous said...


I lost that reciepe but absolutely loved it. Could you post the points with it too if you remember. I need some fresh inspiration with healthy cooking.
Didn't get to the treadmill tomight but did walk the mall a couple rounds today. Thursday going to a fitness class at a church basement with a friend.
Have a good night...


Belinda said...

The recipe is on the blog now. I'm sorry I don't have the points worked out.

Good for you with your exercise! That's so great. You're moving!