Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Week 3 Check In

January 1st:161.2

January 8th: 159.4

January 15th 158

January 22nd 157.2.......Lost: 4 1b



Shan said...

Four pounds....well done.

It's a long slow slog, isn't it, losing weight? But you're doing great.

Belinda said...

Hey Shan! Thanks. I don't mind the long slog. Even a pound a week in the right direction adds up over time. I'm embarrased at my pear shaped measurements, but I hope the hippo hips start to go down soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I feel invigorated... Just did an hour aerobics class and survived to tell the tale. Quite a workout. But it feels great to move. Let us continue in this quest to move more than we did last year.

Keep going girls..


Belinda said...

When we started exercising I noticed that my cheeks were a healthy pink and my eyes sparkled. I looked alive! It must be the oxygen that circulates when you start moving.

I'm with you in the quest!