Thursday, 24 January 2008

Happy Thursday!

Well, friends, today was an "administration focus day" at my home. This meant that three of us worked in the blessed quiet of this place, away from some of the distractions we would face if we were in our offices. Of course we could still distract one another, but we did well, I think, at quietly working away. At times it felt like being in an exam at school.

What does this have to do with fitness you might ask. Well, yesterday we had a staff mini retreat and there was left over carrot cake. I brought it home for our lunch dessert today. Oh my!! Pretty well fatal.

I had a piece for dessert and two pieces for supper.

So, after supper I knew that I had to take myself off upstairs and do those Fast Four Miles.

We were looking after our granddaughters, Tiffany-Amber and Victoria, while their parents were out for a bit, so I said, "Would you like to come and do some exercises?"

"Exercises?!" they both cried, with excitement. It was as if I'd suggested that we engage in some delicious adventure.

Up we went, I in my black yoga pants and t shirt and they in their cosy flannel pajamas.

Tiffany-Amber said as she jogged, "This will help me train for track!"

Eyes shining, cheeks pink, hair swinging and much giggling made this four miles the most fun yet. Their parents arrived home after the first mile and they had to go to bed, but the rest went so quickly and I didn't have to modify at all tonight.

It feels good to have undone at least one piece of carrot cake.

I hope that my Slide Friends are doing well too!


Anonymous said...

Hey I know what you mean with the food just sitting there calling your name, we have finished eating all the party leftovers that which I am thankful for. SO tonight when I can home from fitness class I opted to have healthy quest soup and yogurt for dinner, finally a more healthy choice. I am slowly starting to get in the grove of healthy eating again, the more I exercise, the less damage I want to do with making bad choices...


Belinda said...

Good for you, having such a healthy supper! And you're so right that exercising encourages an all around effort to stay true to the goal of health and fitness.

Anonymous said...

Well here it is friday, we are going out to dinner tonight and my husband has chosen Frankie's Tomatoes (I don't want the buffet)...So oh well, I decided it was time to do walking this aftn, while little darling had her nap. Did 50 minutes on the treadmill which burned 282 calories. I am planning on loading up on soup and chicken tonight and staying away from the dessert table except maybe from the pineapple. Telling you this so I am accountable to someone.
I haven't stepped on the scales to see how I am doing but will do that next week sometime.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the time that you are investing in good health.


Belinda said...

You are doing so well; trying so hard. It all will add up. Everything does!