Friday, 25 January 2008

Checking In

It's been a good day!

I had a vacation day today and went to the hairdresser in the afternoon. Jamie, my hairdresser, works out with a trainer and she is looking fantastic. It felt good to be over 3 weeks into my journey of fitness.

I made Amish Friendship Bread tonight. And I couldn't resist licking the bowl!

We did the Four Fast Miles thing tonight, but my ankles hurt when I jogged so I did the modified version. It's still a great workout, modified or not!

Yeay, it's the weekend!


Libby said...

Hi, this must be hair week got mine cut too and tody going to get the color done too... I am joining in on the fitness and healthy eating quest. So far down 2 lbs. I will weigh in with you online on tuesday (well post my weight as accountability too) while I am on this journey. It is helpful to know that others are working at the same lifestyle changes. Well have a great weekend. 4 miles is a great workout. How long does it take you?

Belinda said...

Hi Libby,
The a 4 Fast Mile workout takes 47 minutes and they go fast.

Last night it was the second day in a row and I found my ankles hurting from the intense jogging part so I just did the modified option, which is low impact. I listen to my body and figure if it hurts, stop, unless, as Paul said, it's "good pain," where you are just going beyond your earlier limits.

I'm cheering you on, Libby. Yeay!!

Libby said...

Yes Belinda, youy are wise to listen to your body, once I started jogging but after two days my knees really felt the impact so I decided to start speed walking instead. It worked but that was many years ago. If I tried to jog now, I think I would fall down dead... So walking for me and I feel good moving..

Just think, four miles is a long way, congrats that you can do it in 47 min. If I do an hour at the speed I go on my treadmill, I go 2.3 miles. That is good for now, I can step it up later as I progress.

I am cheering you on to. Keep it up. We can do this.