Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturday Thoughts

This morning my weight was one pound up from my Tuesday weigh in. I know weight fluctuates and it doesn't mean it's really going back up, but I have learned a few things this week.

1. Cause and effect! Three pieces of carrot cake will have an effect, even if you do exercise.

2. Licking the bowl when I've made Amish Friendship Bread is not a good thing to do! It tastes so good, but unfortunately everything counts!

3. If I want to have a slice of the Amish Friendship Bread, I should give up something else as I did this morning. I went without our weekly pancakes and ate melon for breakfast. Then I had a piece of AFB for a snack. I did have another piece after supper but I think that if I stop eating now I might be ok. We'll see!

Paul and I are giving our bodies a break today. We'll be back on the exercise track tomorrow.

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