Wednesday, 9 January 2008

It's Now or Never

I'm starting this a little later than I'd intended, but pretend that it's January 1st!

This is the place that I plan to record my journey of healthy eating and fitness; my struggles, failures and successes. I hope that others will join me on the journey and that we can be a mutual encouragement.

I'm not part of a formal support group in these areas at the moment, although I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. At Weight Watchers I lost 27 1b 5 years ago, but have regained 21 back. I know how to eat healthily; WW taught me so much and the principles are excellent.

My eating problems? I had slidden into mindless eating, not taking into account portion size.

I was eating late at night for energy when I should just go to bed. At those times I have a bad habit of binging on the candy bars we have in the cupboard for our grandchildren.

Just after Christmas I realized that if I didn't do something to "stop the slide," I would be back where I started. My clothes are all really, really tight and I have unsightly bulges.

Paul was also on his own slide into excess weight and lack of fitness. Something had to be done.

Since January 1st we've been encouraging one another. We bought some new Leslie Sansome, Walk Away the Pounds DVD's and we've been exercising as often as possible.

Today I actually threw out a left-over dessert that was in my fridge, but which I would have eaten before. It was a trifle!

I want to chronicle our journey, for good or ill! Are you with us?


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend now this sounds all to close to home except my buldges are bigger and the clothes even tighter, I just bought a few clothes for the return date sort of as a pick me up... How can I go and sit all day in tight pants, time to get moving the year is over and no more excuses. I want to start walking tonight on my treadmill, once little one is in bed. 10 minutes maybe thats a good place to start and not over do it.. Can you keep me accountable for the exercise thing at least friend? You know who I am a little one said hi this morning, so let's continue this chat and congrats on the work so far, you can do this you are doing this way to go,


Belinda said...

Yes, "I know who you are!" :) Good for you; starting. Starting is half the battle! 10 minutes is a great way to start. It's getting moving. Yeay!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm off to the basement and guess what is on tv, Bruce Almighty, 10 minutes to that should be easy,

Have a great weekend.


Belinda said...

Good for you, fitness sister! You go, girl!

You have a great weekend too.

I'm proud of you.