Friday, 18 January 2008


Last night I managed to get to bed half an hour earlier than midnight, which, I'm ashamed to say has been my psychological curfew of late! I often find myself lingering at the computer beyond even that--it's not unusual to creep to bed at 12.30 or 12.45.

So last night to be in bed at 11.30 felt good, and I was up at 6.15 when Paul's alarm went off, having shut off my own at 5.00.

Even that half hour made an difference to how I felt. Imagine if I managed to get to bed by 10.30 tonight. What a good start to the weekend that would be. Well, that's my aim, friends. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.

I didn't exercise tonight because I did last night and tonight I had worship to prepare for Sunday, and Alpha reading to do in preparation for the start of the 12 week course being held in our home.

I had a healthy eating day! Yeay! For supper Paul and I split a Mortimer's English meat pie after I used my WW point calculator and found one pie was 10 points! We had mashed potatoes and vegetables with it and it was plenty for us.

I'm encouraged to be sharing the journey with a friend or two--maybe even three. Let's cheer one another on and let me know how you're doing!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Belinda,

It's me and I haved joined in this sisterhood for at least today, (or sister/brotherhood if any men wish to join... Sounds like Paul has good for him too...) I don't have such a good track record at sticktoitness at this anyways so one day at a time for now.
Did 20 minutes on treadmill and that I felt good about, so jumpstarted this engine now time to tune it up..

As for the bedtime sounds like a great idea since all to soon I will have to get up much earlier.

It is 11:30 which is better than my 1:30or so last night. I am going to aim for good time tommorow night as Sunday is big day celebrating a birthday for the new addition in PortPerry so need to take all preparations down there etc. Better rest, that will help it all to go well if I am feeling top notch.
So off to bed, talk to you later,

Oh yes and Shan way to go in joining. 5k a run or walk? Or are you training for a race of some sort?