Sunday, 27 January 2008

Being careful yesterday had the result that I was back on track on the scales this morning. That was encouraging. I would hate to lose ground.

This afternoon I did the Fast Four Mile workout. I needed to, having been to our granddaughter Emily's 2nd birthday party, which meant celebrating with many treats!

Onward and forward!


Shan said...

Oh Belinda, you are inspiring. I am failing rather spectacularly at the moment.

Libby said...


I fell off track on the weekend, but hope to walk on tuesday as I am going to bed after a night out with a friend. Hey that doesn't sound good, does it. I mean I was out at the movies tonight and now I am tired so I will give my body rest and do my walking tommorow. I think I will weigh in tommorow and let you know my starting point.