Monday, 10 March 2008

Week Three Check-In From the Lightbulb

Beginning Week Three I am most thankful. I managed to lose 3 pounds this week, down from 163 at the beginning of Week 2.
I was careful with my eating on Saturday and Sunday and managed to walk in the early afternoon for 40 minutes in spite of the snowstorm.

After Saturday's weigh-in, I was a little discouraged but felt relieved later that day when I got my monthly. I usually bloat prior to, and then after day 2 of my cycle, I return to my regular weight. I was pleasantly surprised to see the scale read 160 lbs. this afternoon.

I struggle with drinking the 80-100 oz. of water every day. It's so easy to get busy and forget or to go out and not remember to take my water bottle. I will continue to battle because I know how important water consumption is for over-all health and weight-loss.

Although I'm mindful of every bite I put in my mouth, it is not always possible to count points daily. It is simply a time factor with educating the children and caring for the twins. I'v had to accept this and just monitor my eating vigilantly. Today I helped Hannah bake a cake for Daddy's birthday and didn't lick the batter bowl - Hooray for me!

I am going to try hard this month and April to exercise 5 times a week. Two times with weights for 40 min. each and 3 walks for 40 min. each. I have managed to do this for the past two weeks. Exercise provides a great mental space for me. Lifting weights is grueling but I really enjoy the walks. Being an at-home mom, I love to get out in the fresh air and have a complete break from everything at the house. As well as exercise, I am thankful for the time to pray and enjoy creation.

Although I rejoice at the 9 lbs. I have lost over the past two weeks, I know this is an unrealistic weight loss pattern. Weight watchers advocates losing 2-3 lbs. per week if you are more than 20 lbs. from your goal weight. My goal for the rest of March is to lose 2-3 lbs. weekly. In April, if I lose 2 lbs. per week, I will be satisfied.

Overall, if by May 1 I weigh 145 lbs., I will be delighted with my progress.

By May, I'm hoping to exercise 4 times a week and then down to 3 times at the beginning of June. For the long haul, it is a more realistic goal. I need to start out with a "bang" to lose this light bulb physique.

Thank you for indulging me in this detailed account. It does my soul good to see things like this written down. It keeps me accountable to each of you and allows me to measure the goals and achievement.

Next time I promise a point-form summary on water, food, and exercise.

I would love to be able to fit into more clothes but believe it or not, everything still feels quite snug.

That's all from Your Lightbulb Friend.


Belinda said...

Dear Lightbulb friend,
Congratulations on your 9lb loss!

That is amazing and hard won. You've done so well with your water drinking and exercise.

I wish you well as you plug in for the long haul.

Shan said...

Shoot, man, three pounds in one week? That is FAST.

I was just relieved to step on the scale this AM and be 186. So one pound in the last two weeks. Which is as well as can be expected considering my stress level and recent foody indulgence.

Good for you!

Belinda said...

Shan, If you add all of our pounds up we are well on the way! :)

I've been reading about your home schooling stress. I don't know how you wade through all of that bureacracy (I'm sure I misspelled that--but you know what I mean!). Anyway, if you kept off a pound through all of that, you are doing really well!

Joyful Fox said...

Hey you two,

Thanks for the encouragement. As well, Shan, I home school too, without bureaucracy in ON. If I can help out in any way or be an ear...I'm here.

I'll be thinking of you as I walk and pray too.