Monday, 17 March 2008

Week Four Check-In From the Lightbulb

Well Ladies, this has been a "break-even" week. Nothing lost, and nothing gained either. I was surprised I hadn't gained because the week-end involved a lot of unwise eating choices. I was stressed and ate quick "feel good" carbs and chocolate, lots of popcorn etc. Even during the week, I had a few social events and snacked in the evening, which is never wise. The week was busy and difficult so I was thankful for the results to not show up on the scale.

I did manage to exercise 4 times and did o.k. on the water. I drank more than I used to but not as much as the last couple of weeks. I am not discouraged and I'm trying to make wise plans and have my husband hold me accountable as I we go into Easter with several family celebrations where there will be food a la plenty.

Still 160 lbs. and hopefully can drop 2 this week. I'd really like to break into different integers. I like the ring of 158 lbs.

It's funny how exercise is so revitalizing and yet it is what we least want to do when we're busy and stressed. Here's to warmer weather and sunshine! May we all enjoy some exercise this week.

Lights Out from the Lightbulb


Belinda said...

Well, dear Lightbulb, you are still down by 9lb, so well done for holding the line! And good for you exercising 4 times.

Yes, this week is a bit of a challenge with the celebration of Easter, but we will do our best!

Shan said...

I was up this week. Don't know why but I will consider it an aberration and try again next week.

I think I might be shooting myself in the foot by spending too much time on the computer every day.

Belinda said...

Dear Shan,
You've had a lot of stress with the whole home schooling thing. That doesn't help!

I know what you mean about the computer though. It can be addictive and time sucking! Something for me to consider. They were talking about this on CBC this morning--people who check email compulsively. That's me! Right, you've given me food for thought! Ha ha!

:..Rebekah..: said...

Joyful Fox,
I just wanted to say hello and thank for stopping by my blog for a visit. Your comment blessed me. I hope you have a wonderful day!