Wednesday, 26 March 2008

More on Habits

I think "habits" are what I was trying to talk about yesterday. My everyday habit is to eat moderately and count points with the Weight Watchers tools I have handy. Not rigidly mind you. Rigid doesn't work for me.

Anyway, today I took the remains of Victoria's birthday cake (we celebrated Victoria's 9th birthday at cell group last night), to work, where I presented all 8 remaining pieces to the hungry hordes. That way each piece will go into one mouth instead of several into mine. Victoria? She didn't even have a piece last night, even though it was her favourite vanilla cake. She chose icecream and was very happy with that. I had cake AND icecream and wondered why. I love both things separately but not really together. I got carried away in the moment. Silly but true.

The other thing I do after a big group dinner is look for someone to give the left overs to. Usually there is a friend or two who is delighted with a container of something nice. The main thing is to banish the leftovers to the freezer or friends!

Today I went to a meeting at which refreshments were across the room from where I was sitting and did not bother going over there. I had lunch in the car which I ate on the way back to the office. This may sound nutty, well it is--nutty. Paul and I have developed a liking for sandwiches with Philadelphia cream cheese with walnuts in the middle. It's a nice crunch and quite yummy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks or sharing your philosophy. I can appreciate it, I think it could work well for me. I find that I am always waiting to start after the next party or social event that seems to be stumbling me, but if I looked at it as eat well as much as possible and enjoy some treats in between, I think I could actually get started.

Have a great week in the weightloss world.


Shan said...

Yum, that sounds good.