Monday, 3 March 2008

The Giant Citrus

Hey Friends in the Fight Against Frumpy,
After all the talk about pummelo's I Googled the fruit and found that you can spell it both ways. At I found the interesting information below.

I laughed at one of them keeping Shan busy for 15 minutes. Oh dear, one keeps me busy for a looong time. I tend to graze, and when I'm eating healthily, which I hope is forever after, I grab a handful of nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, or fruit such as our citrus friend.

When I'm off the wagon, I reach for the stash of mini chocolate bars that I buy for our grandchildren (what kind of a grandmother am I?). That's disaster, because whereas the nuts, or even a piece of cheese and even better some tangy, tongue tingling citrus is satisying; the chocolate is of the proverbial "one is one too many and a thousand's not enough" ilk. There is no end to how many I can eat before I stop.

My Lightbulb friend, congratulations on losing 6 whole pounds in one week. That is amazing! Way to go!

I just had a nice compliment from my dear Paul, who said that he noticed on Saturday that I was looking very good in "those blue jeans" and that "the exercises are really working." We can count on men to notice! :)

By the way, I have found that Costco pummelo's are the best! You get two for less than $5 and they truly do each equal several servings of fruit. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Besides eating pummelos raw, common uses for the pummelo in cooking include adding slices of the fruit to desserts and salads and squeezing juice out from the pummelo to make beverages. Pummelos are also highly nutritious and are a good food source for dieters. This is because 150 grams of pummelo, which is equal to approximately 1/4 cup, contains 60 calories. Additionally, pummelos do not contain any cholesterol, fat, or sodium. They are also an excellent source of the vitamin C. Pummelos also offer a delicious alternative to more caloric snack foods. Additionally, pummelos travel well to picnics and other outdoor activities because they have a hard outer skin and a compact round shape and size.
Pummelos have been treasured as a food source in Asia and other regions for many years. Now, the pummelo is finding its way into many culinary cultures. This is because the pummelo has a sweet citrus flavor that makes it appealing as a delicious, quick snack food or as an addition to more elaborate entrees and salads.

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