Saturday, 8 March 2008

One Choice at a Time

I got on the scale this morning and it read 163 pounds. Same all week. I have till Monday to see it move for any weight loss this week. My initial response was 'discouragement'. I want instant gratification. I want to see the measure of my progress recorded by the needle on a steady course down, pound after pound after pound.

"Okay weight, Okay scale, Do your thing!"

After all, I've been faithful. I've drunk my 80-100 oz. of water daily. I exercised 4 times so far this week and I'm purposing for today to complete my fifth.

I've monitored my eating with less slip-ups than last week. I've slept about the same, perhaps even a little more. I've been visualizing myself as leaner, trimmer, more fit.

So, I demanded of my silent scale, "What's wrong with you? Why aren't you showing me the results I deserve - even just one measly pound?"

Then I remembered something that works. It's one choice a time. It isn't about the measurement of weight I read on my scale. It's about what I choose to do every time I have a choice.

Ooh I feel tired, maybe I'll just take a walk or lift those weights tomorrow. It would be a much better day tomorrow. Then I sigh, and say, "No, today is a good day. I will walk and feel more energized and glad I made a healthy choice."

Wow, those roasted potatoes sure taste good. I'll have another helping. No I'll stop now. I have had enough. They taste good but nothing tastes as good as being slim feels."
I don't serve myself that second helping. I celebrate because I made a wise choice.

I see the chocolate chips in my baking drawer of the fridge. Oh, I think I'd enjoy a handful of those. An apple would be a better choice. MMmmm, just one handful. I've been pretty good today. I lose the battle and take, not one, not two, but three large handfuls of the milky chocolate. They sure tasted good. I pass the fruit bowl and know I didn't make the best choice this time.

I don't get "knocked out" by my failure. I don't let myself keep making bad choices because I blew it already for today. I chose to get back on the "winning train" and I strengthen my resolve. It is one choice at a time. I failed the last one, but can succeed the next time.

So I encourage everyone today. Let's make one choice at a time. It's only one choice, succeed or fail. It's all those choices added up, hour by hour, that slowly form new habits. Eventually we choose a lifestyle - One Choice at a Time.

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Belinda said...

Dear Joyful,
I think you lost 6lb last week, so don't be discouraged, you are doing so well to have maintained such a big loss the first week!

Life and health is truly one choice at a time as you said.

I know that rigidity doesn't work for me but being set upon the goal really helps, as well as doing this with friends.