Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday before Tuesday

This has been an up and down week. I was doing well on Sunday until I had a low blood sugar attack in the middle of doing the five mile workout with Leslie Sansome. I put the dvd on pause and dashed downstairs and found nuts, which I had several handfuls of.

Back upstairs I went, and then heard grandchildren arriving downstairs. Soon Joshua (almost 4 years old) was upstairs and staring with a smile at Omie, exercising. A few minutes later, I heard Stephen downstairs calling, "Omie! Where are you?" and in response to my breathless, "Up here," he joined the viewing audience.

When I finally finished the longest five miles ever, Sue and Pete had made a pot of tea. I joined them and dug out some Peek Freans shortcake cookies; then filled the void that had opened up where my stomach is supposed to be!

Today was great until I got home from work. Then I started cooking for cell group tomorrow night. I feel as if I "tasted" a whole meal as I cooked (Indonesian Nasi Goreng and an Indian rice dish too). Oh, and I forget about baking Amish Friendship Bread on Saturday and "having to" taste some of that too.

So, I am not expecting great wonders when I step on the scales tomorrow morning. I just feel better letting you know now.

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Peek Freans....yummier.