Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Week 12 Check In

Hey Friends,
154.4 still this week. The same as last week.

Considering that we had a feast with friends here on Saturday, involving a delicious spiral ham, baby new potatoes, candied butternut squash and desserts that involved lots of sugary scrumptious stuff, I'm not surprised to have not lost weight this week. Oh, and there was a church pot luck the next day, to which I carted along a potato salad made from the left over baby new potatoes. I had to sample it as I made it! :)

I've also been very busy and not exercising. But I did do the five mile workout on Sunday afternoon, after a phone call from my Lightbulb friend stopped me from falling asleep on the couch! Thanks Lightbulb!

So here goes another week. Shan wondered if too much time on the computer was her problem. It could be mine too. I shiver at the thought of cutting back but I may have to set some better boundaries. Who would have thought that computers could be fattening!


Shan said...

It's totally my problem. I'm embarrassed even to guess how many hours I'm on here in a day.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to live clean. 1 hour in the AM, 1 hour in the PM, and 1 hour of belly dance EVERY STINKING DAY.

As Yoda says, "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Belinda said...

Dear Shan,
You are a gifted writer so I hope you don't stop doing that.

But okay, I too, will try to "live clean." I need to!

Bless you in your efforts.

Shan said...

Belinda, thank you.

I'd write more but I only have, like, 20 minutes left.