Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fresh Start 158.2

By Belinda

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I've been avoiding Stopping the Slide for a long time.

Mainly I've avoided writing here because I have been stuck fighting the same 15 or so pounds of overweight without success. This, I feared would bore you, and definitely embarrass me.

However being quiet hasn't helped, and processing by writing helps me so I am back doing battle in public.

This morning I was 158.2 1b. My ideal weight is 142 1b. My body is also in need of toning up.

I am a sporadic dog walker and so I am not a hopeless couch potato, but I need to have a routine that incorporates exercise faithfully

This June I turn 60 and I guess I`m thinking about what kind of body I want to take into the next decade. I want it to be toned and trim.

So, join me in the journey if you will! Perhaps we can encourage one another.


Susan said...

I'm in. Heart and soul. And body.

'Bout time, hey?

Belinda said...

A friend for the journey! :)

Shan said...

I will be here for moral support, though won't be contributing to any blogs but my own, since life has gotten out of hand in the last while.

But I am cheering you on anyway!

Belinda said...

Hey Shan,
TWO friends for the journey! Thank you for the encouragement. It's good to know you're cheering.