Wednesday, 14 April 2010


By Belinda

This morning I weighed 154.6, which although it is happily on the downward trend, is still not breaking the 153 pound barrier. I guess that is my first small goal: Getting to 152 and maintaining that for a week would define success in this Fresh Start. That, and getting out into the fresh air with Molson at least twice more this week for our 3.5 km circuit of the village.

Yesterday I was over my points allowance by 12, so I have used 23 of my weekly 35 flex points in the first 3 days! But counting is victory, and I won't be rigid about it. It is a tool and it is helping.

I'm reading an old book: The Secret of Self Control, by Dr. Richard L. Ganz. In the bit I read this morning, he gave a helpful, Japanese sounding acronym to use: GISI DICI, which means:
  • Gradual Improvement
  • Steady Improvement
  • Daily Improvement
  • Constant Improvement
He also talked about his daughter having taken a defensive driving course in which she learned not to focus on the skid when she lost control of her car, but to focus on where she wanted to take the car. Good thoughts!

This morning I was praying for myself and some other friends with food issues. To my surprise I found the list growing as I prayed. The contributers to this blog were on it, along with some friends, as well as three young women who battle anorexia --11 of us all together. This is such an area of struggle and defeat for many women. This blog is a support network for me, and I will give back in any way I can, in writing and prayer.

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