Monday, 12 April 2010

By Belinda

A quick update on how it's going. I decided yesterday to pull out my Weight Watchers books and point counter and use these as a tool to help bring me retrain my eyes and appetite to the much smaller amount that is actually needed to eat healthily. The daily points allowance in my weight range is 22, with 35 additional points to "splurge" with once a week or a few each day. I can tell I'm going to be "a few each day" woman--and I bet I have a big splurge somewhere in the week, too!

Yesterday I managed on 23.5, but today I've eaten 30. That's partly because half way into the afternoon I had eaten all the food I'd taken to work, so I ate 4 rice cakes that were in my emergency rations stashed away in a dusty corner. I don't much care what I eat as long as I have something to munch on, and I suppose that 4 rice cakes didn't break the bank.

Yesterday I went for a 3.5 km walk with Molson, my faithful friend and walking buddy. This is his "I'm happy and you can do it," face.
On the home stretch and proudly carrying his leash in his mouth all the way home.

Ready for a nice drink of water and a happy snooze. Me too.

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I weighed in at one pound less than yesterday morning, but I came home from work too late to go for a walk tonight. It was wonderful to find some friends have joined my cheering section and perhaps the journey too. It was a good start!

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Susan said...

It sounds like a GREAT START!

Sorry I posted on top of you... I tried to move it but it won't cooperate!