Monday, 26 April 2010

Fat Addiction

By Belinda

For breakfast on Sunday, I had a serving of the creamy hot rice cereal I love, with milk and a little maple syrup.

As I got ready to leave for church I thought of the fact that I wouldn't be home until around 1.30, and I noticed a couple of cookies in a plastic bag in our snack cupboard. I had two bags of these cookies, two in each bag, home made and delicious, I was saving them for a treat. I almost popped one of the bags into my purse, for a snack on the way home from church, but something stopped me.

Somehow I knew that they are my poison--that thing of which one is one too many, and a thousand is not enough; that crisp buttery thing. I knew that eating just two of them would trigger something in me that I didn't want, so I put them back, and later on I put both bags on the table in the hallway, to give to my granddaughters for a snack for school.

I really think that I have a fat addiction and I decided to consider donuts, pastries and the like, things that will rarely cross my lips day to day, because eating them is like drinking beer is to an alcoholic. I thought, "Others may; I cannot."

So I'm sticking to cookies (when I eat them) and other foods, that are high fibre and low gi.


Susan said...

What's the "creamy hot rice cereal"? Is that Cream of Rice? Is it like Cream of Wheat? Do you get it at the grocery store?

I think I could go for that since I'm trying to avoid gluten and I'll be on liquids/soft diet for a few more weeks...

Susan said...

P.S. You passed by the cookies? Even though it was only two?

Wow, that was a great decision and I understand perfectly why...

Belinda said...

You can buy the cereal at Sobeys or Wal Mart. The brand is Bob's Red Mill, and it comes in a small clear plastic bag. You find it in the healthy cereal section with several other Bob's Red Meal cereals. I also have a bag of their Scottish Oatmeal.

You boil the rice cereal in water for 5-8 minutes and I love it with milk and a teaspoon of maple syrup. It is a low glycemic index food and satisfies for a long time.

As for the cookies--yes it was a very good idea to get rid of those little stumbling blocks that were lying in wait in my cupboard.

Ames said...

I feel the same about sugar. Right now, though, I am not being strong.

I love cookies more than just about any other dessert.

Belinda said...

Ames, how great to hear from you. Be encouraged. We all have ups and downs and I know that you can be singleminded when you decide to be. Don't be hard on yourself. If you have the energy to do this right now, join us in our determination to grow healthy and trim--learning as we go.