Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Checking In

Photo by Katherine Burston

Hey, to the growing crowd of friends; mighty slide stoppers all!

I weighed in yesterday at 151.6; the same as the week before and I confess I would have loved to report a loss. However, I think it's healthier not to focus as much as I do on the actual weight, and instead focus on the actual eating.

I have not binged once, this past week. I credit the fact that I have focused on maximizing protein and minimizing carbs, for that.

I haven't done this rigidly, but just kept it in my head as a general rule. When eating a carb, I am aware of what it might do to my system, so I don't have a lot.

I have been packing my 6 brazil nuts for an afternoon snack faithfully. They help curb cravings and fill the tummy.

On Saturday, when 4 of our grandchildren were over and one of them wanted me to play soccer, I found that I was able to give him a run for his money. I may be bringing up the rear, but at least I wasn't dying with exhaustion.

I'll keep posting my weekly weight, because it helps me to do that, but not with any obsessive focus. I hope this encourages my Lightbulb friend, who is doing so well to have survived 4 weeks at the cottage in such fine form and who must be amazingly fit after all that exercise.

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Shan said...

Great picture, Belinda! Well done on the brazil nuts, too.