Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Checking In

I am so embarrassed to announce that I am up from last week's weight. I'm 153.2 this morning and I earned every ounce by eating like a zombie on autopilot this week.

Let's see; there was the tupperware container of four pieces of cake, left over from a celebration. Yes! I ate them all. At once. Ugh!

There were the two pieces of fruit flan, left over from celebrating Lesley-Ann's birthday at cell group. I ate them too. At once. Ugh!

And only last night, knowing that I would be weighing in this morning, I still ate a big bowl of caramel praline icecream with jello! Why? Because it was there.

I can see where I went wrong my friends. I cannot leave leftovers in my fridge. I have to give them away or throw them away, otherwise I'll throw them down the hatch! No one else here eats them. So---the rest of that jello is being tossed momentarily. I don't eat jello normally but I think it was a throw back to childhood birthday parties or something that made me want to eat it.

On the good side--and probably the only thing that saved my bacon--whoops, I don't want to save bacon do I--I have found the best of walking buddies in Molson, my daughter's dog who lives downstairs. We have walked 3.5 km each night for the past 4 evenings. I wrote about that experience on my other blog, Whatever He Says. I love walking with him and knowing that he is waiting for our "walkies" will motivate me daily. I think that is a very good thing.

I'm sorry for being an abysmal inspirer this week, but that's the whole point of Stopping the Slide, isn't it? We are here because we need help to "Stop It!"

Happy Canada Day! I'm going to spend part of it cleaning out my fridge. :)


Shan said...

Oh no!

But the overall trend is GOOD.

I'm glad you have found a dog to walk with you...I can't wait until my dog is old enough to concentrate on walking properly.

Chucking the food is a good idea. I tend to be a "waste not, want not" type of person but then I just end up eating everything myself like a gigantic human Hoover. It's not healthy.

dee gold said...

I believe you can do what you set out to do. God bless!

Belinda said...

Dee and Shan,
You are both encouragers. Thank you.
Shan,I laughed at the thought of you being a giant human Hoover! I don't hear "Hoover" very often! Very English, and very apt. :)