Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Although absent in words, my thoughts have been right here with you all as I made choices at the cottage for the past 4 weeks. On the cottage scales (yes there were two, our calm and careful family broke one), I weighed 145 lbs. Hooray for me.

The down side is, now home, my house scale has me at 150 lbs. I'm not sure which is right although I know which I'd rather believe.

I walked on average of 4 times a week for 6.5 km (jogging for 12 min. of every 50 min. jaunt. I jumped on the trampoline, paddled a canoe, rode my bike, swam and was generally active. Although I had treats, I carefully applied my 'no carbs after 1:00 p.m.' rule, breaking it rarely.

I felt great and when I measured at home, I was pleased to note I had lost 1/4 inch off my arms, 1/2 inch off my legs and 5/8 off my tummy.

In spite of this, I struggle with attitude towards my weight and was surprised by it. When I thought I was 145 lbs., I was jubilant and feeling great about my weight, size, and choices while away. When I got home and the scale read 5 lbs. heavier on the same day, I was discouraged, no longer felt good about what I thought I'd achieved.

That's why Shan's last post spoke so powerfully to me. Attitude is important and weight is influenced by so many factors.
As well, I was encouraged by Susan's early success and Belinda's vigilance in steady life-style changes.

You all are definitely a blessing in this journey and as Belinda said, "Comrades in Arms." When I begun, I'd never have believed this weight-loss adventure would have been such a battle.

It is such a discovery of self for me.

Thanks to have me be a part. It means a lot.

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Belinda said...

Welcome home Joyful! You did so amazingly well to come home at the weight you did.

It would have been do easy to rationalize that you were "on vacation" and deserved a little treat here and there--but you obviously did the right things and your exercise was so good!

It's good to have you back. Together we are all surviving and thriving!