Monday, 28 July 2008

You - The Owner's Manual

We were having lunch, Belinda and I, just before I left on two weeks of vacation. She was showing me a book she'd just bought. It was called, "You - The Owner's Manual". I was intrigued and as I was flipping through the pages, she said, "It's on page 363".

I flipped to it and there is was. "The Owner's Manual Diet".

"Turn the page" she said. I did. There it was. On one page. All laid out for me. It was "The Owner's Manual Diet - Crib Sheet."

I read some of it out loud. Partway through I looked up. "I think I can do this!" I said.

And you know what? I can.

Before lunch was over, Belinda was making a gift of the book to me - to take on vacation. To get started on "the new healthier me".

I've been reading the book all right. I read the crib sheet to Ron on the way to Windsor. I read it to him again on the way back. Though I need it more than he does, we both decided to take its advice to heart.

There are only ten or eleven principles, and they are very easy to follow. Even while on vacation. In the interests of not violating copyright I won't write them all out here, but I will be mentionin them in future posts.

It's been three days now, and I'm doin' it! I feel like I'm doing my body a favour. I don't feel one bit deprived.

I would recommend the book to anyone. It's not just the chapter on weight control that is good. Today we read all about the brain and how to minimize the natural decline of memory - like taking good care of your arteries so they keep doing their job in getting oxygen and nutrients where they need to go. It's a book that is factual and enlightening, and both encourages and empowers you to take better care of yourself without being judgmental about what you haven't done so far.


Belinda said...

Yeay Susan! I need the chapter on the brain too. What page is that? :)

Joyful Fox said...


Congratulations on your beginnings! Way to go. We're all here cheering beside you as you begin this journey to a healthier lifestyle.