Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Lightbulb Again

It has been two weeks and I wanted to check-in. This morning I was at 152 lbs. This is exciting to me but I have been here twice. Last Thursday, I was at 152 as well. However, with the week-end, I had 2 or 3 meals away from my no carbs fare and then by Monday I'm back at 154 lbs.

I would like to give myself the privilege of having 2-3 free meals a week (meaning I get sugar or carbs or wine or a combination.) However, if it keeps costing me in the pounds, I may reduce it to 1 until I get a little closer to my goal weight.

I had some success at being wise with meal choices. We were at our Sunday School Picnic on Sunday and there were sandwiches and salads galore. I stayed away from carbs (no sandwiches or potatoe or pasta salad - no dessert) I was proud of myself. However, I then came home and ate 2 pieces of Rhubarb, raspberry pie I had made the day before. It had meringue on top, nice and thick, and rhubarb and raspberries that I had picked from my father-in-law's garden and frozen from last season. The crust was a shortbread one which I really enjoy. Every bite was immensely decadent.

The night before I had indulged because we were at a friends so it was 2 days in a row of indulgence thus the additional 2 lbs. on Monday a.m.

I am maintaining 4 times a week of formal exercise. I walk once a week for 1 and a half hours and the other 3 times, I do interval training with a total of 9 minutes jogging and 32 minutes brisk walking each time.

All in all, I am pleased with my progress. I would like to be at 150 lbs. by July 1 and then at 145 lbs. by August 1.

The high end of my range for my BMI is 145 lbs. so that is my first target. I am, afterall, only 5'3". I will still keep pushing towards my final goal of between 130-135 lbs.

My goal this week-end is to only indulge in one meal off the plan - no more and then we'll hope the scales pay me back!

That's all from the Light bulb


Belinda said...

Lightbulb, you are doing so well! I applaud your exercise quota and also the fact that your goals are so do-able and reasonable.

Keep it up sister!

Shan said...

Good for you! I always marvel at how closely related your food choices are to your weight...mine hardly reflect at all (at least, in the short term).