Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Check In

152.6 today. A grand .2 of a pound less than last week.

I did go for walks with two friends and one daughter!

I tried to follow the principle of eating protein when hungry, rather than sugary stuff. I felt satisfied and I think that I just need to be careful not to eat too many nuts.

I feel stuck. I've been at this weight for weeks. I have "stopped the slide," yes, and I feel good about that, but I also have 7 more pounds to go and they are sticking to me like glue.

I know that I need to get more focused and careful and boost the exercise.


Joyful Fox said...


I've learned when you hit a plateau, you have to change something up. Increase your exercise by once a week, or increase the intensity, drop a snack or a treat or....

Somehow lower your input of food and increase your output in calories.

You'll do it. Stopping the slide is great. The hardest part of losing weight is when you're within 10 lbs. of your goal weight.

You look great! Press in, sister.

Anonymous said...

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