Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I Survived Write! Canada

Photo by Susan Stewart

Well, that's me the 4th from the left, in black, on a fitness break led by Kimberley Payne at Write! Canada in Guelph last week.

I was surprised, when I saw the photos taken during the conference, that I didn't look too bulky. The 9 pounds I've lost has made a difference.

This morning I'm 152.8, which I am happy with considering where I've been, Thursday morning to late Saturday evening--a writer's conference with quantities of muffins at breaks, and delicious and generous meals.

What saved me was a little variation on the first words of Psalm 23, which came to me the day I was getting ready to leave for the conference; "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...to eat everything in sight."

I found those words calmed me down and helped me to make choices rather than eat "everything." I ate bacon and other meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables and even dessert, but avoided muffins and bread and fried potatoes, because I really don't care for them much. In the past I would probably have eaten them just because they were on offer! :)

On one break I arrived after all of the snacks had gone and hungry people were still circling, looking for food, so I ran to our room, where I had a "stash;" I always travel with a "stash" :), and brought out containers of almonds and pretzels to share. People loved them, especially the almonds (the kind you buy in big bags at Costco).

At one meal I was in conversation when the bread came around, and the man on my other side said, when I stopped talking, that he had taken a multigrain slice of bread for me because I looked like "the kind of person who would like healthy." I took that as a great compliment!

Yesterday I went for lunch and a walk with "the lightbulb!" Back at her house she showed me a book she's reading on what foods different body (or blood ?) types should eat. I took the quiz and found that I need to eat protein and good fat, and avoid sweet things, but will crave them. Good to know; will aim to do that. My BMI (body mass index) is 24; at the high end of my range. I'm aiming to lose 7 pounds and get more exercise, as well as focusing more on protein and avoiding sugar.

Onward my fellow stoppers of the slide!
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Shan said...

You look great!

The blood type thing sounded kooky to me when I first heard about it a decade ago, but in fact it turned out to be pretty much dead on.

My dad, an O, is supposed to have lots of meat. They once did a year on the Mediterranean diet - near-vegetarian, supposed to be really good for your health...but my mum is certain it had a disastrous effect on dad's health. His previous basement-level blood pressure shot up, he developed diabetes, and ended up on several meds.

Joyful Fox said...

Hi Belinda,

You do look slim and trim. You've done well and are continuing to make wise choices. Way to go!

I really liked, "The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want....to eat everything in sight."

Amen to that. I find if I'm out and there's a variety (a buffet or banquet table) I have to go for it because it tastes good and it's there!

Seldom have I stopped to ask, "Is this good for me?" or "Do I really need this?"
I am learning to make an internal limit, stick with it, and not even struggle with all I can't eat.

I think you did awesome to go away and eat wisely and come back within range!

Keep doing what you're doing sister, it works!