Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Pear Checking In!

152.2 this morning thank goodness!

My resolve to hold to the 22 points didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I had several business lunches and special occasions and didn't do as well as my lightbulb friend as reigning in my appetite for fat and flour! It doesn't sound quite as appetizing when I put it like that does it?

Fortunately 'tis the season of abundant fresh fruit and veggies and that has been my saving grace this week. I love vegetables although not the work of chopping, dicing and slicing. I've done it anyway and it has helped me to edge down to within one pound of where I was before my vacation. Was the indulgence worth it on vacation? Well, I'm going for the long haul, but I have to say that I'm realizing that my life is filled with lunches and dinners and special occasions and I have to find a way of navigating those with joy and enjoyment, but in consistency with my goal of a weight that I feel happy with. I'll be giving thought to how to do that this week, starting today when I just happen to have a lunch meeting.

I'm attending a three day conference this week, so that will be a perfect time to sink or swim. Any tips on how to swim through one of those things?

Exercise? Does shopping count? :) Room for improvement there, obviously!

Meanwhile, I am thrilled at Shan's determined exercise and the lightbulb's victories this week.


Shan said...

I am terrible at those lunches out. I don't like salad so if there's no soup I usually end up with some kind of fried sandwich or else pasta. Depends on the restaurant: some are really tricky.

Though I do drink a heck of a lot of water before I go and before the meal arrives. That helps.

Joyful Fox said...

Congratulations on losing weight. Good attempts at sticking to your 22 points on the 4 days. Although you weren't 100% successful, you've identified some obstacles in sticking to the points.

Eating out is a toughie and I don't think there are any easy solutions. Resolve is the key. We have to want to be slimmer, trimmer, healthier more than we want that instant gratification. It is tough. A restaurant offers so many choices that are pleasing to the palette and quantities that are more than what is healthy.

Some people commit to eating half and taking the rest home for another meal another day.

Others stick to a meal with no fried or carbs. ie. a ceaser chicken salad hold the garlic bread or choose a julienne salad as an entree.

I think it would be super tough. When I go to a restaurant, I just want to enjoy and see it as a treat. However when you go regularly, you may have to give yourself guidelines for your lunches and then, once a month (or once a week) allow yourself to have that fish and chips or....whatever it is that you most enjoy.

There are no easy solutions to that one. It is a resolve and a commitment. Lots of choices. I know as you think about it, you'll decide the right choice for you.

(How's that? - I still gave advice didn't I? I'm trying to ease out of advice-giving and do more listening.)

I am committed to letting the Holy Spirit and God's word do the work and me just being an ear, a friend, and learning to WAIT.

Belinda said...

We went to Swiss Chalet and I had the quarter chicken with white meat, and you can choose any side, so I chose corn (which I love) instead of fries. I did eat a bun and put a pat of butter on the corn--and the chicken had skin, but I didn't have fries, and I love Swiss Chalet fries. Small victories. Thanks for the encouragement maties!

Joyful Fox said...

Hey Belinda,

There's a really good chicken salad at Swiss Chalet. I can't remember the exotic name - if it was San Francisco Salad or what but it is really awesome. I've had it before.

I don't know if it matters to your calorie counting or not, but both corn and peas are considered carbohydrates. Both vegetables are really high on the glucose index which means, as your body absorbs them, it acts like a carb. So the bun and corn would be considered 2 carbs.

If you enjoy it and it works at the end of the week for you - no worries.

Definitely a better choice than fries but maybe not the healthiest choice for a stand-by, if you have regular lunches there.