Thursday, 4 September 2008

Back on Four Wheels

Early Monday morning, my bike got stolen. It was in the shed in our back yard, with a proper door and everything...although the deadbolt was not locked. We got careless.

I posted about it on my regular blog, but I think people were mostly sympathetic about the cost involved...the real issue for me actually is that my bike was my main way of staying in shape. I got a lot of exercise on that bike...early in the summer I was riding four or five times a week. That changed later, when things got busy, but at least the bike was always there and I knew I could hop on at any time and get my heart going.

I would classify this event as devastating. I feel almost panicked about it. I can't afford to buy another bike. I can't even afford a mid-range bike like the one I had - it was $500 ten years ago. In fact, now that we are knee-deep in mortgage and kids and credit-card debt, we can't even afford a crappy bike. The only way I will be able to get one is to use the dregs of my (small) ICBC settlement from 3 years ago, but I was saving that $500 for something else - my mom is planning to take me and my sisters on a trip to NYC next year and we have to provide our own spending money. $500 isn't much but at least it would have got me some, I don't know, fabric or something.

It's embarrassing to admit that we're so poor I can't buy a bike...but that's how things are.

Actually I feel like I might cry now so I'm going to stop talking about the bike.

Belly dance starts up next week, and although I don't think we can technically afford it (see "Poor", above), I'm going to take the lessons anyway. If I am really dedicated and practice every single day, it will be worth the $45 a month. What I'm going to do this time is, I'm going to measure my waist now, and then measure it every month during the winter, when I'm dancing. Should be interesting...and probably more relevant than my weight.

Tonight I went to visit a friend of mine who has just moved back to town. She has a Wii Fit. She offered to set me up on it, and I hopped up on the platform. It was good to see that my weight is just above 184, still, even though I have been extremely careless about my eating lately. And the Wii assesses your balance and "Wii Age" based on your weight, height, and balance (which it uses as an indication of fitness). My balance was excellent - probably because of the belly dance - and my Wii age was assessed at 35...which I will be on October 16. I think this is okay - I am not sure how it all works, but it seems to me that if you are in poor shape your Wii age is higher than your actual age, and if you are in great shape your Wii age is lower. So I am happy with Exactly The Same.

My friend said I can come back and play with her Wii Fit anytime - so I am going to go to her place on the weekend, I think, and see if I can't work up a sweat. It should be fun.

I had a good time tonight, and my friend told me "You look fantastic", (I think she meant "thinner") but really I feel very down. I haven't got over the loss of the bike...I seem to be sinking into a depression about it. Hopefully once dance starts up, I will feel more optimistic about everything...and maybe God has a plan for a bike for me, which won't cost too much and will be even better than my old one.

But I still wish it hadn't been stolen.

Take care guys.


Belinda said...

Oh Shan, I am SO sorry about your bike theft and the ensuing sadness. That is so disheartening and awful.

It is wonderful to hear from you again and to join hands and go forth--Sisters of "The Slide."

It's great that you are measuring your waist.

I will pray about the bike.

Joyful Fox said...

I join the prayer for your lost bike. That is such a personal violation and hear you on the replacement option.

I am encouraged by your resolve and stiff upper lip on your belly dancing, in spite of the bike bummer.

I have also been struggling to move beyond maintaining in the weight department and dig in with renewed motivation. I like your push-ups idea and am contemplating it.

My fear of failure is holding me back from the committment so I would appreciate prayer. I am walking for an hour (minimum 3 times per week) and jogging for 4, 3 min. intervals during that time .
I'm battling big-time with self-control in the area of food and more often than not, just give in.

I desire to begin again, I have yet to "plunge in" for more than 2 days in a row.

However, i am home now from the cottage and am no longer in transition constantly. I am back reading "Stopping the Slide" again and these are all steps forward.

So, there's hope...

Shan said...

I will pray for you too, Joyful Fox, for your motivation and resolve. I think fall is a better time than summer, in a way...and spring is probably better than winter. Those (fall and spring) are the seasons when I clean out and clear out. So maybe the change in weather will help.