Monday, 8 September 2008

Thinking about getting rid of something.....

Monday September 8th, 2008

Hi fellow bloggers, I have officially joined with you on this quest for better health. I have commented occasionaly on the blog, but am now making this official. Hi, I am Libby, which was a nickname from childhood. I am not much of a writer, but if I get inspired by an idea or something I've heard that I feel coud be useful I will pass it along.

I started last week with my resolve to loose weight. I have a lot of it to loose. Every step is a step closer than the day before. I joined Weight Watcher's on tuesday last week and have been packing lunches since then. I lack in discipline in that area. This week all is wel though I have managed to pack my lunch and yes actually eat it too. Do any of you have that problem?

After talking with a friend this weekend, I was inspired by something she shared about weight loss. SHe heard someone say : I am not loosing weight anymore, I am getting rid of it. When you loose something you always end up trying to find it.

So out with the idea of loosing and in with the gettting rid of the extra pounds. Ah ha, a lightbulb went off for me. I am going to get rid of as much of me as I can. And to top it off, I can also clean house on the inside. For example which parts of me do I want to keep. What parts of my character would I also like to get rid of in the process and what are the qualities htat I want to keep. For me this is an exciting new way of looking at my situation.

May you all have a good week, and thank you all for your inspiration to me thus far.



Belinda said...

Welcome to the team Libby! Right on with the lunches being packed and eaten.

And how true that the words we use are powerful in terms of our mindset.

Yes, getting rid of, is much more permanent than merely losing. I never thought of that before.

Thanks for the encouragement "out front."

Joyful Fox said...

I am so excited about your new journey. Because this has been much contemplated, I will pray your resolve will be strong.

I really like your perspective, getting rid of something. That is final implying the thing gotten rid of has no value - our extra pounds don't, do they? I guess when we think of losing something, you're right, we do want to find it again.

I really like that. Lately I've been so unmotivated to continue the hard work of getting rid of extra pounds. Since August I have only maintained.

This has been the encouragement I have needed to begin again. Thank you.

Shan said...

Welcome Libby! I was much struck by your "losing" as opposed to "getting rid of". You're right - something lost becomes something regained.

I think Flylady talks about "body clutter", to fit in with her philosophy of "decluttering", and that's effective too. The excess goes in the garbage and you don't replace it.